What I ate Wednesday- March 1st

Here we are in March y’all! It’s my birthday month + spring break month, soooo kind of a favorite around here. And it usually is the month with (in my opinion…) the most diverse weather. And I feel like this is holding true so far 🙂 

Here’s a look at the meals from today… all three from Mary’s (hahahha!)! 

Breakfast… Veggie fritters with sweet potatos and salsa (perfect breakfast!). 

Lunch… meatballs with zoodles and tomato sauce. Flatbread on the side. 

Dinner… chili with avocado! I also enjoyed some “chow chow” while heating this up in the skillet. Very hearty chili! 

Time to catch up on a little sleep (I hope!). Sleep tight y’all! 

Oh and Tripp will be drawing a winner for February’s BC giveaway tomorrow! If you placed an order through the #switchtosafer social link, you were entered. Want to enter the March giveaway?? Just place an order using THIS link before the end of the month 🙂 

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