Tripp’s Plate Tuesday: chicken + veggies + mango

Tripp had a fun plate tonight:

  • Crispy chicken (like last week)
  • Kraut
  • Roasted sweet potatoes and apples
  • Freeze dried mango
  • Seaweed snack (Weird, but we all LOVE it!!)

So tonight’s dinner really consisted of me telling Leo to “lay down” and Tripp to “sit” in his chair. He kept trying to stand up to share with Leo. But we got some food in for Tripp! At the very end he grabbed the chicken piece below right off the pan and just went to town. 

    No worries, he didn’t stand long 😉 

    After attempting to stand up one too many times, we called it a dinner and got “up” from his chair. I quickly finished mine… we read a few books… then bath time! 

    That’s a wrap! Happy Tuesday! 

    And a special thanks to everyone who attended the #switchtosafer Super Bowl Social and entered the giveaway. I’ll share the winner very soon!!  

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