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Flashback Friday with Karli

My sister is back for a little twist on “Beauty Tip Tuesday,” this is Flashback Friday 🙂 

BeautyCounter Products… “The Never List” Hand Outs… Chocolate Drizzled Popcorn… Coffee/Water… MacBook…

Am I forgetting anything? 

Oh yes… My party assistants: Sister (my other BC half) and Klaire (she wanted to be apart of our girls night of course!). 

With everything checked off my list and my two sidekicks in tow, away we went to my BeautyCounter Launch party (or social in BC talk!). My launch party was last Tuesday in Cullman (hence the flashback theme!). I wanted to let you all have a peek into the party 😉  Not all BC “socials” are the same,  but all of them are laid back. fun, and informative! 

The place: Berkley Bob’s Coffee House 

The time: 6:30-8:30 PM

As our first guest arrived, I got that “let’s do this” feeling. Courtney and I had a seasonal display of BC products on the table and the scent of freshly brewed coffee had filled the air. 

Laid back and casual, the tone of the night, seemed to keep our friends and family feeling open to learning about our new passion for this company and its mission. Products were sampled, popcorn was eaten, and Klaire even entertained us by playing the piano! 

By the end of the night, as we were packing up, I realized just how lucky I was to be a part of spreading the word about cleaner, safer beauty. 

After sending home products to sample and placing a few orders, I began to see my love for BC spreading to my friends and family. 

Once the online party had closed, I could officially say that I was hooked. Such an easy, almost effortless process really. Getting to share my love for a truly special product and spreading the word about safe beauty are something I now look forward to each day. 

Did I mention we were able to do two holiday lip gloss giveaways?!? 

Be on the lookout for my next social event this month. It will be a virtual event via Facebook… No leaving the house required! We will get all orders placed in time for Christmas and do a big holiday gift set giveaway!

Feel free to reach out with any questions– and browse my online store anytime via this link:

And hey, if you’re in the Tuscaloosa/Northport, AL area Monday evening, check out my sister’s Launch Party

Team sister will also be planning more special dual events in the upcoming months 🙂