Monthly Archives: November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day. I tried to snap photos here and there but really tried to just enjoy the day 🙂 The Cookin’ Up Life team has so much to be thankful for, that’s a fact! I appreciate y’all reading the blog and keeping up with us! 

Now it’s officially time to turn up that Christmas music, drag the decorations out, and do a little Christmas shopping tomorrow 🙂 

I’ll be sure to share what kind of deal BeautyCounter runs tomorrow (and Cyber Monday!) as soon as I hear about it. I have my eye on a few other things that I’ll share too. Don’t forget to shop through my BC link–

Good night!! 

Friday Favorites

Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop in before the weekend and share some things that have made my life easier this week 🙂 Yall, I even purchased a few Christmas gifts! I am bad at purchasing early because I end up getting SO excited about giving the gift that I tell the person. Haha. Enjoy some of my Friday favorites below.

  • Instant Pot- buy here from Amazon. The InstantPot has been a life saver lately. I love doing a big batch of shredded chicken for the week in it. I use the pressure feature for this, but you could slow cook it as well. Here is the pressure method that I follow then season however I need to when I reheat it (Italian, Mexican, garlic, etc.).

  • RXBAR– order them here from Amazon. I have had this everyday for a mid-morning snack. I needed chocolate and a little mint action because TEETHING. I have needed all the extra coffee this week too (thanks to my little teething buddy!).

  •  Everything in this cute little gift set has come in handy this week! I use the charcoal cleansing bar every night, I am really liking the body wash and lotion, and the shampoo and conditioner smell SO GOOD! I have ordered a few of these to gift to some special people. I think this gift set just rocks. And they are travel friendly 🙂 BeautyCounter has put together some other good looking gift sets too– look at them here.

Now, can yall believe we are days away from Thanksgiving week?? Crazy. I noticed sweet Danielle with Against All Grain shared her prep timeline… HERE. I will be using that as we plan for Thanksgiving at the farm. 

That was dinner last night– pork chops with apples, greens, and a buttered sweet potato. So good!! 

And Leo. Even though he’s acting like a teenager… he’s still my favorite dog in the world! 

Y’all have a wonderful weekend 🙂