Meal planning again

Hello everyone! And happy Labor Day 🙂 With a very busy work (but short!) week ahead, I knew a meal plan would help tremendously. I’ll also list “back-up” options in case I forget to thaw out or just feel too tired to cook 😉 Real life! 

Here’s the plan:

  • Buffalo Chicken Casserole from PaleOMG’s newest cookbook. I’ve already got this ready to go– and its so good! Here’s a link to a similar recipe– spaghetti pie
  • Pizza soup from Clean Eating With a Dirty Mind‘s new cookbook. I also prepped this and it’s very tasty. It’s like an Italian chili! 
  • Stuffed beef sweet potatoes with kale and avocado (just seasoned beef, microwaved sweet potato, sautéed kale, and fresh avocado!). 
  • Shredded beef with roasted sweet potatoes and salad. 
  • Crockpot chicken for some chicken soup. Here’s my method– throw a whole chicken in the crockpot with whatever seasoning you like for 8 hours on low. Pull the meat off the bone to use however you want. Since I’m making soup I’ll proceed with broth making. Then make soup by adding celery, onion, carrot and chicken. Serve over white rice. 
  • Back-up option: Zoe’s Chicken kabobs or Mediterranean chicken (grilled potatoes and salad as sides) 

I’ve loosely planned breakfast– I’ll have some sort of paleo muffin with eggs or a smoothie. Or (full fat, grassfed) yogurt with lots of mix-ins. For snacks, I’ve also got some orange gelatin gummies ready for the week. Also nuts, fruit, and cheese are easy to throw in my lunchbox. 

Whew. I feel better going into this week with a plan! Y’all have a happy Labor Day and take some time to jot down a few meal ideas with what’s in the fridge/cabinets. 

If you’re curious about the cookbooks I mentioned above… Which you should be… Here’s what they look like to really get you interested 😉   


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