November Menu

It’s about that time… Time to start thinking about the Thanksgiving menu! Can’t wait to plan that with my sister and mom soon 🙂 But for now, let’s focus on this week’s menu!

Here it is…

Breakfast: Pumpkin pie chia pudding; eggs, bacon, and blueberries
L- Tuna salads (made with avocado, mustard, and a little kraut)
D- Chili (Health-Bent’s pumpkin chili recipe without the pumpkin and add bell peppers… Serve with sweet potatoes)
L- Chicken, carrots, and rice
D- Chili leftovers with sweet potatoes
L- Tuna salads
D- Chicken, carrots, and rice leftovers
L- Health-Bent meatza
D- Chili leftovers served on a whole sweet potato
L- Meatza leftovers
D- Salmon with broccoli and cauliflower mash

Looking for some cookbooks to put on your wish list?? I baked from these two this weekend 🙂 The Zenbelly CookbookIMG_6916.JPG
And Real Life Paleo by The Paleo Parents…

Y’all have a great week!!!

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