September Menu #3

Hi!! I hope you all have had a good weekend 🙂 I’ve actually been under the weather this weekend, so this meant drinking lots of broth and using my essential oils. Healing powers in both and along with lots of rest, I’m already feeling better tonight 🙂

Yes… You’re going to notice that I have beef tongue on the menu. It’s just like shredded beef! But way better. Here’s a great recipe if you ever find yourself with a beef tongue. And if you’re interested in some of the “weird” superfoods, don’t forget to check out the newest book from Multiply Delicious!

L- Taco salad
D- Shredded beef (tongue), avocado, carrot salad with a buttered up sweet potato

L- Beef burrito bowl
D- Shredded beef, carrots, rice, and avocado

L- Beef, rice, avocado, and carrots (leftovers from dinner!)
D- Stuffed baked potato with shredded pork
L- Shredded pork “taco” salad (shredded carrots, lime juice, olive oil, and sweet potatoes)
D- Leftover shredded beef with pear salad and baked sweet potato

L- Leftover stuffed potato
D- Leftover chicken on a pear salad with bacon and broccoli

Breakfast for the week:
Paleo Banana Bread (here’s a good recipe!) with eggs and fruit

Smoothie (here’s a great recipe!)

That’s a wrap 🙂 Have a GREAT week!


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