May Menu #3

Hey guys! I totally skipped out on the menu post last week. It was busy and I was going night by night for the menu. I usually call that a “grace week” if you’re new to the blog. And it is nice to be reminded of how awesome it is to have a plan for the week 😉 20140518-195656-71816563.jpg
Guess what? We have a green chalkboard wall in the kitchen now. An entire wall! I think it’ll be green for summer then we will paint it black, classic chalkboard, for the long term. But the green is growing on me 🙂

We had a small area painted chalkboard that was framed before. I need more meal planning space. And it love writing all the produce that I have to plan with for the week. Ensures that you use what you have! No waste 🙂

We are all tired but having so much fun with our home projects! We have almost been in the house one whole year 🙂

Alright. Menu time! Keep in mind we have a lot of veggies so salads will be the main vehicle for proteins this week.

Menu #3
Breakfast: Eggs with roasted root veggies (kohlrabi, turnips, garlic scapes, & beets); boiled eggs, apple, & almond butter; paleo muffin with boiled eggs
L- Slim Palate’s roast chicken (picture below) with Asian greens salad and strawberries
D- Paleo chili (Pictured below, I used my newest cookbook for this one!)
L- Kitchen sink salad with grapes, sunflower seeds, broccoli, & beef
D- Taco salads with shredded beef
L- Boiled egg salad with loads of toppings
D- Slow cooker sweet potato and beef casserole (from another paleo cookbook)
L- Leftover casserole with salad
D- Waffles and fruit (paleo breakfast!)
L- Boiled egg salad with whatever veg we have left
D- Baked fish with chard and a baked potato

As for the weekend, we will probably do paleo spaghetti and then pick some more recipes to try from our newest cookbooks!

The paleo chili was awesome and I can’t wait to review the newest Multiply Delicious cookbook 🙂

The roasted chicken was amazing and from Slim Palate’s newest book.



That’s the plan. Maybe with the new chalkboard wall I can get my menu together earlier than late Sunday night! It is easier in ways because of the weekly CSA basket, but it also sounds a little redundant with salad after salad. But I promise the salads are all different and have their own unique flavors 😉

Have a great week y’all!

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