May Menu #1

We are well into week 2 of our CSA season… Meaning we are floating in veggies and I love it! I just finished roasting beets, turnips, spring onions, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, butternut squash, AND (lastly) a spaghetti squash. Whew. It’s hot in here ha 🙂

David grilled burgers for us to enjoy on a big roasted veggie salad for lunch for the next couple of days. We love our prep days!

And finally I baked some paleo banana bread… I tweaked Health-Bent’s recipe (my favorite base recipe!) by adding a little cashew butter, flax seed meal, spice blend, walnuts, and mixed some vanilla with the chocolate to create “blobs” of chocolate 😉

Leo, in the meantime, is resting up after a busy weekend!


Here’s the menu.

May Menu #1
Breakfast: Banana bread with bulletproof coffee; Eggs and bacon with veggies
L- Burgers with butternut squash, radishes, and broccoli
D- Chicken taco salads
L- Burger salads
D- Spaghetti with red meat sauce
L- Chicken-roasted veggie salads
D- Pork Roast with leftover roasted veggies
L- Shredded pork on a salad
D- Farm Salad/Kitchen Sink salad with tuna cakes
L- Leftover salad with boiled eggs
D- Pork taco salads

That’s what we have on the menu for this week! I haven’t been meal planning for the weekend just because weekends have been busy. But we are settling into the CSA delivery on Thursday now so the grocery shopping schedule/menu planning should be easier and easier each week. Lots of roasted or sautéed veggies with protein. The baskets are straight from the farm so they don’t need a lot of doctoring up 🙂

And happy almost Cinco de Mayo! I think we will mix up some mojitos tomorrow night. Here’s David’s recipe 🙂

David’s Mojito Recipe
You will need:
Sparkling Water
Crushed ice (throw some in a blender… cover your ears and pulse away)
Bacardi Rum (if you want a little spike, it is good without too)
Mint Leaves

What you will need to do:
For one–
Take around 12 mint leaves and cut a lime in half. Take the half and cut it into 4 pieces. (So far in glass… 12 mint leaves and 4 wedges of lime)… now muddle (this releases the goodies from the lime and mint) these together!
Fill the glass with crushed ice (again take time to throw some in a blender just be prepared for the LOUD noise… I repeat, LOUD noise).
Pour in 1.5 oz of Rum or not.
Stir in 1 tablespoon honey (roughly).
Top the glass (or mason jar in our case) with sparkling water.
STIR it up and that’s it!

Have a wonderful week 🙂

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