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Almost April Menu

Well this weekend has been full of celebrations. My 26th birthday was yesterday and what better way to kick it off than the final Crossfit Open 14.5 WOD. Afterwards, we celebrated surviving that at a local taco place, Taco Mama. So yummy! David took me out for a glass of wine and appetizers last night. We had dinner at home for back up, but knew we would probably be full (and we were!). Also got to meet my new neighbor, 1 whole day old! So tiny and cute 🙂

Want to see my birthday cake? Be sure to check out my post all about Mason Dixon Bakery.

Now to the menu.

Breakfast: Almond butter-banana muffins; eggs and veggies; David’s granola with fruit
L- Shredded Beef with spinach, carrots, and baked potato
D- Bacon-wrapped chicken thighs with butternut squash, zucchini, and apple salad
L- Chicken thigh leftovers with baked potato and apple salad
D- Shredded beef “nachos” with jicama and avocado
L- Nacho leftovers
D- Salmon with butternut squash, mushrooms, and spinach salad
L- Tuna salads with fruit
D- Baked chicken in skillet with any leftover veggies
L- Chicken leftovers
D- Hamburgers loaded with onions, avocado, and sweet potato fries

As for the weekend, we will see! Hopefully it’ll be a weekend full of grilling and being outside with these two boys…

And David- look at us taking more pictures of the two of us…


Blog Break

Sorry y’all, I’ve been in the “oh so happy,” Land of Taxes (fueled by bulletproof coffee)! Taxes are filed and now I can get back to posting… Yepee 🙂

Can’t wait to share some cool stuff in the coming days!