Menu Featuring Elk

Yes, you read that correctly, elk! I used it before– in this menu. We got some more this weekend and I can’t wait to cook with it again. It’ll be featured in the lasagna, tacos, and the butternut squash stew in place of bison and beef. Most meats are very interchangeable– but do keep in mind that the fat content is different so modify accordingly 😉

My brother in law said he’s bringing me some duck… I’m so excited. I’ve always wanted to try cooking duck. And, of course, render some fat to cook some sweet potato fries in!

I had to come home today from work- started feeling sick 🙁 I figured rest would be my first approach. Hoping rest, broth, and some natural remedies will help.

I’m also taking Umcka and olive leaf extract, drinking bone broth and traditional medicinal, eating my probiotics and cod liver oil/butter oil blend, and sleeping as much as possible. Most of this I do daily during winter season, just not as intense 😉

Alrighty menu time!

Sunday- Zoodles with red meat sauce and cheese

Breakfast Options
-Eggs, Bacon, and Kale
-David’s granola with fruit and milk (coconut or raw milk)
L- Hot dog with kraut then a grapefruit-honey salad
D- Lasagna (loosely based on this Health Bent recipe)
L- Leftover lasagna
D- Elk taco salads with cauliflower rice and guacamole
L- Leftover taco salads
D- Beef and Butternut Squash stew
L- Tuna salads
D- Stew
L- Stew
D- Pizza
The Weekend
This PaleOMG spaghetti pie recipe for sure! I’m also thinking this stir fry recipe from Multiply Delicious.
For breakfast, I’m planning, Cranberry Orange muffins from Against All Grain. Or making the Against All Grain famous sandwich bread for some egg sandwiches or French toast.


4 thoughts on “Menu Featuring Elk

  1. Amy Ayers says:

    The elk dishes sound awesome!! There is a great butcher shop in Boston that I love. I should get there again soon and see if they have any. Since they’ve carried camel and crocidile meat, I’m sure elk will be easy to come by. 🙂 You’re going to LOVE the spaghetti pie from PaleOMG. It’s AWESOME!

    • Courtney says:

      Wow at the protein selection!! That’s so cool– I have ground elk, elk steaks, and stew meat. So it’ll show up a lot in the coming weeks… If it lasts that long! A neighbor killed it out west and when they offered us some I was so pumped!!

  2. Beth Miller says:

    I made the spaghetti pie tonight and it was delicious!

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