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Thanksgiving Week Menu

This week’s menu is a little different… but I still wanted to share a little sneak peek 😉

Chicken Soup
Chicken and Cabbage Salads
Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins
No grain-ola by David

This will be my first Thanksgiving knowing what I have to stay away from and I am so excited! Holiday eating always meant tummy aches for me and now I feel very in control of that. Yah for finding a paleo lifestyle 🙂

I am in charge of planning the menu for my family’s Thanksgiving dinner… here are the resources I am using (includes an affiliate link, FYI!).

Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain: Thankful, 20 Thanksgiving Gluten-free and Paleo Recipes— I will be using this for the stuffing and pecan pie. Danielle just rocked this e-book and I know I will use it throughout the holiday season.

Balanced Bites Healthy Holiday Recipes is FREE and full of good recipes. I will use this for the cranberry sauce and sides.

Other paleo blogs have some wonderful Thanksgiving round-ups, so search around the web and have yourself some fun planning your family a Happy Thanksgiving like I am 🙂

Weekly Menu… Loaded with greens!

Bokchoy, 2 varieties of kale, beets, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, and onion. Whew. That’s a lot of veggies! And let me tell you, if you don’t plan to eat them they will go to the deepest/darkest corners of your fridge where you forget about them! Ha we didn’t do so hot eating our greens from last week’s CSA basket so we now have double greens to eat this week 🙂

That was from the market on Saturday… Love my time there. The River is so pretty and people farmers need our support! We need to make sure we are supporting their hard work and delicious produce 😉 Buy local when you can… And get to know a farmer or 2. They’re awesome!

So the “green menu,” let’s get to that now.

B- granola, fruit, and eggs
L- Taco salads
D- Cabbage with carrots and chicken thighs
B- paleo oatmeal or granola, fruit, and eggs
L- Taco salads
D- Kale, bokchoy, beets, and deer sausage
B- sausage leftovers
L- Taco salads
D- Paleo pizza with (local) mozzerella and meatballs!
B- Paleo oatmeal
L- Pizza with salad
D- Italian salad with meatballs
B- Eggs and bacon
L- Italian salad with meatballs
D- Leftovers
Weekend Ideas
Grill fish and hamburgers!

Y’all have a great Sunday night and remember to plan a few meals for the week. It’ll make it easier 😉