David’s Smoothie and Menu

David treated me to a menu this week and wanted to share his smoothie recipe too. I gladly took the free pass for meal planning and let him plan away. He did great 🙂 First, my caveman’s smoothie recipe!

David’s Smoothie Recipe
Makes 1 large smoothie- modify to your liking and carb needs.
1 cup of water or milk of choice
1 cup of frozen berries
2 eggs (if you don’t have a trusted egg source, do a high quality raw protein powder)
1 tablespoon of nut butter or coconut butter
Spices of choice (cinnamon, ginger, cacao powder, pumpkin pie spice)

There are many modifications and variations, but this is his base recipe for us. You don’t taste the eggs, promise! But don’t do eggs unless you truly have a good egg source. Promise? Okay, moving on 😉

How about the menu?? He did a fantastic job, y’all check it out!

B- Paleo cereal (Primal Craving’s granola)
L- Elk and oxtail stew (yes, it is fantastic, but I have no idea what I ended up putting in the stew!)
D- Salmon and veggies
B- Eggs and bacon with kraut
L- Chicken thigh salads
D- Stew leftovers
B- Paleo cereal
L- Taco salad
D- Meatballs with veggies
B- Eggs and bacon with kraut
L- Meatball salads
D- Meatball “subs” (stuffing a sweet potato with meatballs and drizzling on marinara sauce)
B- David’s smoothie
L- leftovers
D- Paleo pizza for date night in
Snacks: Kale chips, granola, pumpkin bread, blueberry-lemon gut healing gummies
Weekend Ideas: Sliders, roast, or fish tacos

Do y’all see that pumpkin bread “name dropping” there in the snacks section?? I used the fabulous Against All Grain recipe… Find the recipe here!

Delicious! I also made some bacon wrapped chicken thighs (from Practical Paleo) and chocolate chip cookies (once again from Danielle!).

Y’all want to see the elk and oxtail stew? It had herbs, watermelon radishes, carrots, celery, and the meat!

The watermelon radishes were in our CSA basket this week… They’re beautiful!

Speaking of CSA… We had our harvest party today!

Leo didn’t come but David insisted on snapping a picture when we went for a walk before heading to the farm 🙂

The farm was beautiful and we took a walking tour then enjoyed a nice afternoon salad some sort of pumpkin-pecan goodness! With a cider 🙂

We have had a wonderful weekend!

Hope you have a delicious menu planned for the week. Oh and guess what? I started a Facebook page for the blog- go check it out here and like it! Thanks 🙂

Happy Halloween week!

3 thoughts on “David’s Smoothie and Menu

  1. Jordan says:

    Hey! I’m a new reader but I’ve been noticing that you have veggies alot (salmon and veggies etc) I was wondering what this usually consists of? Thanks so much for showing me what a week of paleo looks like. This is all so daunting when you first start!

    • Courtney says:

      Hey Jordan! Thanks for reading the blog– Your comment made me think more about how I need to post the veggies 🙂 Usually I throw them together the night of– anything from sweet potatoes and a salad to sautéed greens with carrots!

    • Courtney says:

      Jordan I haven’t forgotten about your “side of veggies” post! I’ll be getting on that soon… Most of the time I zap a sweet potato and cut up some fresh veggies that I have on hand. Another fav is sautéed cabbage in bacon fat. Then crumble the bacon top 🙂

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