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Labor Day Weekend

Hey guys! I’m actually off to the beach this weekend… A girls weekend with my mom and sister 🙂
I finally get to use my hand painted bag I got in St. Lucia!

So since I tried some new recipes this past week– I thought I’d share my thoughts on them 😉

But first, if you need an idea for the weekend, I highly recommend pepper nachos! So easy to throw together.
Here’s the easy how-to:
Pepper Nachos
Created by The Stokes
1 pound of beef
2 bell peppers (green or whatever color you have)
1 avocado
1 tomato
1 lime

1. Cook the meat with some salt and pepper.
2. Slice up the bell peppers into about 2 inch by 2 inch “nachos.”
3. Prep the toppings (dice up avocado, lime, & tomato).
4. Assemble the nachos– pepper, beef, avocado, tomato, and a squeeze of lime!

So good y’all! And easy… Anytime I think “I have no time to cook,” I do these little guys.
OR… I’ll do a salmon dinner. I throw my salmon in the skillet (skin side up!) with coconut oil, sprinkle with salt/pepper, and then flip it and throw a pad of Kerrygold herbed butter on each piece. Put that in a hot oven for about 5 minutes. Viola! I served this with roasted eggplant tossed in balsamic vinegar and Brussels sprouts. And some sweet potatoes.
I like keeping it simple 🙂 Are you needing a tasty wing recipe for your football games tomorrow? Well I promise you Honestly Delicious’ wing recipe is at the top of my list to try one Saturday! Her blog is not only super cool, but guess what she is doing? She is cooking at a bacon palooza… I’m not kidding!
I just love her business cards… Anyways, go check her and her tasty recipes out!
Paleo Lasagna from Health Bent (and their cookbook Primal Cravings!) was awesome! I used Italian chicken sausage but you could use any Italian sausage. Something about cutting the butternut squash into long strips (like lasagna noodles!) and then baking it all layered up just made this paleo lasagna out of this world!
I also did a whole chicken in the crockpot this week– I was inspired by my leftover herbs (used in the Against All Grain roasted chicken and Paleo Parents sweet potatoes biscuits) and stuffed the bird with them. Sprinkled it with salt and pepper too. On low for 10 hours (ha more like 12 whoops!). I love doing this and following it up with making stock. I think it just makes it easier to go ahead and shred the chicken (throw the bones in the crockpot with those juices!).
Good amount of chicken! We sautéed some cabbage with an onion and US Wellness pastured pork lard. Tossed in some sweet potatoes and had us another tasty meal!
Had a detox friendly goodie… And shared on Instagram.
I listed the ingredients above on the picture- this was a mix between the Coco Monkey smoothie and Chocolate Mousse 😉

Whew guys. I think that is all I wanted to share… Sorry so long but I just had to share some of these recipes and meal ideas!

If you’re still hunting for a couple more recipes for college football/Labor Day weekend– I highly recommend the tasty BBQ recipe posted on Multiply Delicious recently! Heather is actually coming out with a cookbook soon and I can’t wait to check it out 🙂 Go check it out here. Looks pretty sweet 😉

Alright… I’ve been blogging away on the drive down to the beach (no worries I’m not driving ha). Time to get this vacation started! First stop, grocery store to load up on food. We want to soak up as much sun and sand as we can this weekend.

Happy weekend and roll tide!

Week 3 Sugar Detox Menu

Hey guys!! I have a lot to share so hang on tight 🙂 I’m hoping to settle into my schedule soon and get back to posting more than once a week, but hey, grace is a beautiful thing– even for bloggers 🙂

I can’t believe I’m on the final week of the sugar detox! My first detox back in February really got me in the swing of posting a weekly menu which is super cool. Oh hey, guess where I’ll be spending the final days of detox??

The beach! I’ve been admiring friends’ beach photos all summer and I’m finally going. My mom and sister will be joining for a weekend full of relaxing and paleo eating, beach style 🙂 My sister has started a paleo lifestyle and my mom has been dappling in it too. My mom has weekly homework– make at least one thing from Everyday Paleo (mother’s day gift). Moms need homework too 😉 Especially when it means improving their health.

**I want to do a post on incorporating paleo into whatever stage of life you’re in and how to track down “paleo staples” if you don’t have good local resources. Sound cool?

Last year my mom and I took a post wedding beach trip and decided that an annual trip was needed for us girls. I’m not complaining.

Anyone else wearing all the white things this week??
Haha no white after Labor Day right? Does that still apply?
David surprised me Saturday by dropping me off at The Loft to shop (so sweet!). So to be safe on the “no white after Labor Day” I stocked up on some fall staples. Conveniently, blazers were 50% off, pants were $20 off, and I had two coupons (25% off purchase and $20 off!). Boom.
We did a lot of outdoor work Saturday morning– before it warmed up! I did the porch work (the Mosquitos still love me so I can’t get in the yard so much) and David did the yard work. We found a muscadine vine next to our house– we will be picking some (I call them fall grapes!). We also finally thought of an idea for our corn hole set– use it as extra seating on the porch. We don’t have a place in the house to store it so why not throw pillows on it? Also it’ll be ready to pull out in the yard for some friendly competition this fall 🙂
All swept off, mowed, and check out that new roof!! So thankful to have a good roof over our heads now… 🙂 I’m thinking of painting the front door… Ideas? We will be painting the porch ceiling blue this fall (tradition in the south!) so what do y’all think? Red, blue, green, etc.
This weekend did include some “detox detours” including a Steel City pop on Friday night and then a delicious gluten free (primal friendly) muffin at my favorite coffee shop in Tuscaloosa, Heritage House. I went in for its 20th birthday celebration and to see some sweet friends 🙂
Hey I’m just living my paleo lifestyle to the fullest 🙂 I enjoyed a kombucha (we should be making our own pretty soon!)– a new one and it blew me away. 8 ounces of boocha is fine in detox– lots of happy gut bacteria in there. I like incorporating kombucha or/and kraut instead of taking a daily supplement. Doesn’t work for everyone, but it does for us 🙂

Even though I had a couple of items with sugar… I did choose to eat both. And I did choose to not eat them as an emotional bandaid (long work week). I did eat them because they were fresh, local, I knew the ingredients, and both were gluten free/primal (dairy was in both) friendly. This detox I’m not as “anal” about be 100% perfect. It’s all about learning to listen to your body better and learning the “why am I choosing/craving that” instead of just “well I can’t do that today but hey on day 22… I’m going crazy with sugar!” See what I’m saying? I do think it is important to stay on detox and not slip up, but if you do, it doesn’t mean you have to start over. Learn from it and move on– and enjoy whatever you are eating.

I couldn’t recommend the 21 Day Sugar Detox more… It is great for everyone and will benefit anyone. Promise!

Worried about it being “boring” “tasteless” food? Well guess what? The picture above is paleo and 21 DSD friendly (I didn’t even miss the maple syrup y’all). It really hurts my feelings when people say paleo food tastes like dirt… Or is tasteless. When you go paleo… Your tastebuds start to taste things in a whole new way. Not only that but your mind and body start accepting the food and flavors in a whole new way… stepping off my soap box.

Those waffles were made using PaleOMG’s recipe and I just modified it to be 21 DSD friendly (which wasn’t difficult). The recipe link is here- Pumpkin Apple Spice Waffles.

Now for the menu guys!! Geez. I gotta post more during the week 😉

Week 3 of 21 DSD
B- Apple Streusel (banana) muffins (from Practical Paleo or here on Balanced Bites blog)
L- Turkey-kraut roll ups with sweet potato salad
D- Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagna (from Primal Cravings or from their blog Health Bent)
*Chicken in crockpot all day!
B- Egg muffins and bacon
L- Turkey salad with roasted potatoes
D- Lasagna leftovers with salad
*Shred chicken and start stock.
*Thaw out 3 pounds beef.
B- Eggs and bacon with a muffin
L- Tuna salad with tomatoes and avocado
D- Chicken with sautéed cabbage and roasted okra/eggplant
B- Chicken leftovers with roasted veggies
L- Chicken salads
D- Spaghetti squash and meatballs
*Cook pumpkin chili.
B- Meatballs with avocado and apple
L- Pumpkin Chili (from Primal Cravings or their blog Health Bent)
D- Chili dog nachos (Primal Cravings inspiration just for David!)
The Weekend
B- Eggs and bacon with avocado and veggies
L- Turkey roll ups or tuna salad
D- Chili leftovers or hotdogs (from US Wellness, so good and clean!)

Sounds like a tasty week– I’ll be heading to the beach after work Friday evening so I wanted to make sure to have something I can eat on the road… Or maybe I’ll stop in for a Whole Foods on the road dinner Friday evening 😉

I hope this week starts off well for y’all… Here’s to a tasty menu 🙂