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Against All Grain Cookbook Review

Hey y’all! I’m so happy for the sweet and beautiful Danielle at Against All Grain… Today is the official book release day for her cookbook. I was filled with excitement when she announced her cookbook and immediately preordered. Recently though I was contacted to see if I wanted to review a copy before it hit shelves. Well of course I did!

But before I share a peak into the masterpiece, let me give you a little background on how I found her amazing blog and just tell you a little about how cool she is.
I ran across Danielle’s blog (Danielle is in that pretty mustard top above in the picture) over the past year. I immediately was just captured (and started pinning away!) by her beautiful food photos and (brought to tears by) her story (she recently posted more about that here, powerful). I subscribed to her blog and have been a faithful AAG follower since. I then started following her on Instagram and Twitter– find us at “cookinuplife” and “againstallgrain.”

I remember the first AAG recipe David and I made, fish tacos! Our favorite meal and they turned out wonderful 🙂

Back in March I got to meet her at PaleoFX! She was actually the first blogger for me to meet. I was so nervous and David had to give me a pep talk haha… I was meeting my first famous blogger! I stumbled on my words, but she was just so sweet and kind. She even remembered me tweeting the AAG vanilla bean ice cream I made before PaleoFX!


Since then I will tweet a question, something I made of hers, or a comment and she always is wonderful about helping me out or encouraging me!

So now… Ready to see inside the book??
** Haha that’s a screen capture form the video I shared in this post when I got it in the mail… I was post WOD and so excited!). Figured I wouldn’t make y’all see the video again 😉
First things first, first impression of the book. When I saw the cover, I loved the look and the picture of Danielle in that (gorgeous) kitchen was perfect and so welcoming to the paleo lifestyle. I opened it up and started reading immediately. Her “health transformation” was the first thing I read, what a powerful story she has to share with y’all! Her husband has been beside her the whole time and I know must be so proud of her for sharing her journey.

I flipped through the book to get a glance of the beautiful photos and was just taken back. Typically you flip through a cookbook and you are “wowed” by that one recipe that “you must try,” well sorry friends, this book will have your mouth watering on every single page. Not only the desserts, but the roasted chicken in here looks lusciously rustic (Is that a real word pairing? haha)!

At the beginning, you even get a nice overview of paleo, what to stock in your kitchen, what tools to have in your kitchen, etc. Wonderful tips and information… my favorite, the cuts of meat for each animal.

At the end, you will find her recommendations for food pairings. A bunch of little menu suggestions and how cute would that be to make little menu cards! I did that for V-Day and it just kicked the meal up a notch. All of that is after some gorgeous cocktail recipes. The drinks are beautiful, all alcohol-free, but if you want a splash of a little something she has recommendations!

A graceful detail that you’ll just have to take in… Watercolor marks throughout the book (love personal touches like that!). Just another sign she put so much hard work and love into the cookbook. One last detail that I adore, vintage props and linens on each page. The presentation of each dish is just full of vintage flare and rustic touches (even the font just says, “I am a tried and true recipe“).

Curious about paleo? Worried you’ll miss that one favorite food of yours? Well take a look at those recipes…

Just to name a few options:
Allergy Free Breakfast Cookies
(Perfect to have on hand during the week for a quick breakfast or wonderful to have for weekend house guests!)
Banana Bread
(Everyone needs a go-to banana bread recipe and this one is delicious! And an option to add chocolate chips, well y’all know I had to try that!)
Seven Layer Bars
(I grew up in a Southern Baptist church in a little town, these were called magic bars. Well guess what? These “magic bars” always made an appearance at Sunday potluck. Mrs. Evelyn Beck would dominate these… Praise The Lord I can make them now!)
Pumpkin Donuts
(Reason needed? Didn’t think so. This just screamed “girl get your boots on and get ready for fall!” I have a wonderful donut pan now too, thanks to a house warming gift from Erin at The Little Dutch Wife!)

So y’all want to know what all I’ve made so far? You can see in one of the cookbook pictures I have purple sticky notes throughout… Also utilizing the book flaps to keep a recipe easy to get to.

Zucchini Bread. I haven’t had a good paleo zucchini bread yet… I have high standards. Pre-Paleo, Mrs. Betty at the farmer’s market always had me a loaf each Saturday. Well this is my new Mrs. Betty “z-bread” y’all… Fluffy, cakey, yet filled with veggies!

Beautiful too with those pops of green zucchini. Stick a toothpick in it and call it done 😉

The Paleo Parents posted an adorable video of their kids looking at AAG (on Instagram) and I’m totally with their cavekids, these cookies are awesome! When she named them, “Real Deal Chocolate-Chip Cookies,” she isn’t kidding. They are everything a cookie should be: chewy, pops of melty chocolate, and soft in the middle. Bam. Nailed this one too!

This will sound odd, but we love AAG’s buns!! Haha, I just had to say that. Laugh? I hope so because I cracked up when all we could say during dinner was “I love her buns!” Anyways, they’re a cashew base which is something I’ve never tried in paleo baking. I’ve just enjoyed cashews in snack form. Well they are the star in this hamburger bun recipe and give such a “potato bun” flavor and feel. Talk about perfect timing too, ever since the 4th of July we have been hunting for a bun recipe. Well, AAG delivers a winner 🙂

Among other snack recipes, her famous “no grain granola” recipe is in the cookbook as well. I look forward to trying the variation that’s in the cookbook!

She’s also a mom, so there’s a wonderful section (yes, a whole section!) for kid-friendly recipes. Kid-less like me? Well you will find your inner kid (or a sweet husband who appreciates pancakes in cool shapes) and want to cook these up 😉

The whole book is organized into well thought out sections that flow so nicely. She even shared a sneak peak on her blog, here, if you want to see more. I could go on and on about the Against All Grain cookbook but I will stop here so you can click over to Amazon and purchase it! She will be on book tour soon and I’ll be at the Atlanta signing. Cannot wait and hope you’ll try to make one too 🙂

(Link to more book tour info and where I got that pretty book tour schedule!)

Y’all show Danielle at Against All Grain some love and buy her book, then tweet her on Twitter (@againstallgrain), like her on FB (Against All Grain), follow on Instagram (Against All Grain), and whatever else is hip in the social media world! I promise it’ll be a beautiful addition to your collection and she will appreciate all of the kind words 🙂

Final July Menu

David and I have been under the weather this weekend which in a way was good timing since the Crossfit Games was on this weekend 🙂 We would love to make the trip out there for the Games… Maybe next year!

This week’s menu is centered around grilled chicken and roasted veggies. Easy to prep and easy to throw together a meal! And to get this cold knocked out, I might be throwing together a soup or two (broth + veggies + chicken).

B- Eggs and bacon with David’s salsa
L- Grilled chicken salad with veggies
D- Salmon with kale and brussels sprouts
B- Leftover pancakes (from Sunday) with coffee shake (this will be a to-go breakfast!)
L- Chicken taco salad
D- Spaghetti with meat sauce
B- Eggs and bacon with applesauce
L- Chicken salad
D- Spaghetti leftovers
B- Eggs and bacon with salsa
L- Turkey salads (or hot dogs– both Applegate brand)
D- Brisket stuffed sweet potatoes
B- Brisket and eggs
L- Turkey salads
D- Brisket salads
Tasty options- Sticky Fig Bars from Taylor Made it Paleo (altered the recipe to fit my ingredients on hand); Avocado with chicken; Larabar; Cheese (organic, raw, grassfed) with apple; Smoothie (banana-coconut)
The Weekend
B- Can I just say I don’t know here?? Lol… Maybe a grilled breakfast hamburger? OR paleo pancakes
L- Tuna salad OR hamburger
D- Salmon OR pizza

There we have it… A full week of food!

This week’s blog “to share list:”
– A review of Against All Grain’s book.
– What I changed on the fig bar recipe!

Well the CF Games just wrapped up… What a weekend of WODs! Way to go to all of the athletes 🙂

Have a great week y’all!