May Menu

Weekly menu time!

David and I just got got off the road… We have been at the farm for the weekend. Lots of family time 🙂

Anyways… We are about to head to the grocery store to grab a few things so this menu can happen.

Here’s what I have planned:

D- Fish tacos (using lettuce wraps) and mojitos (Happy Cinco De Mayo!)

B- Paleo Strawberry Pancakes (cooked here)
L-Ham salad
D- Chicken Stew (used a recipe from the amazing Multiply Delicious here– using it again)

B- Egg muffins
L- Chicken stew
D- Salmon with collards and roasted carrots/beets

B- Egg muffins
L- Tuna or sardine salad
D- Roast with veggies

B- Egg muffins
L- Chicken Stew
D- Roast leftovers

B- Sweet potato hash with eggs
L- Roast leftovers
D- Something special Gather

The Weekend
B- Scones from Gather maybe and market omelette
L- Tuna, chicken, or turkey salads
D- Taco bake (some sort of new recipe possibly) or paleo spaghetti with meatballs

Well that’s where we are at– I’ll hopefully be back tomorrow with an update on Friday and the weekend… Exciting news (passed my thesis defense!!) between school and house hunting 😉

We are going to enjoy our fish tacos… Last time they rocked our world (thanks to the Against All Grain recipe!!).

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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