Spring “Break”

Well that’s what I’ll call this 😉 I am on a “break” from teaching… But not from grading or thesis work! Speaking of thesis work– it is coming to end! Almost at the finish line… So happy 🙂

I mentioned not too long ago (well almost 2 months ago) that David wanted us to go to the Paleo f(x) conference in Austin TX for my birthday. And of course, I was over the moon! A chance to meet and mingle with and LEARN from the the top Paleo people in the country. I get to meet some/most of the paleo bloggers that I have been following in the blogosphere for a while now. I will more than likely be speechless around them… I am bringing my copies of Make it Paleo and Practical Paleo to get signed (why not?!?). Anyways, here is a recap of last year’s conference according to The Food Lovers… 2012 Paleo f(x) Recap.

(Picture source)

I look forward to blogging from Austin and keeping y’all posted on how it going… That is if I am not overwhelmed with all the knowledge I will be soaking in 😉

David and I will be looking for a box to complete 13.4 for the Crossfit Open wod…. Wonder what it’ll be?!? Maybe pull ups… Kettle bell swings… Sit ups? Who knows 🙂 I am currently falling mid pack in the world rankings- cant complain! And I have improved in both of the “repeat” workouts! Some people have complained about the whole repeat WODs but I personally love it– great way to measure how much you’ve grown in the past year. Isn’t that CF is all about anyway? Not waiting a month but a couple of months or a year and retesting 🙂 Cool stuff! We will be streaming the 13.4 announcement on our road trip to Austin… Life of a Crossfit coach’s wife (and hey I have to see what I will be attempting ha)!

So sorry for all this text… The menu this week obviously will be short since we will be hitting the road BUT no worries I thought I would kick it old school and do a repeat menu for you guys 🙂

Menu throwback–> Weekly Menu

I know it is spring break for many so if you find yourself eating out order fish tacos for me!

Oh speaking of eating– I hope to use these two guides while we are in Austin:
Paleo Eating in Austin according to The Clothes Make the Girl.
And if needed, I also ran across this for some gluten free options anywhere:
Gluten Free Menus according to the Gluten Free Guide HQ.

Anyways… The giveaway for the Tropical Traditions coconut oil has ended. Hopefully there will be another one 😉 I will post the winner in the AM… For now I need to wrap up some tax work and then head to bed. I haven’t felt 100% today so I am wanting to hit the hay early and get some high quality shut eye!

Sleep well 🙂

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  1. Hey Courtney, thanks for mentioning my blog in your post! I hope that the gluten-free menus will come in handy, if needed, when you’re in Austin!

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