Meal Plan: Week of March 4th

Well this was an eventful weekend full of running (a half marathon right here in Tuscaloosa!) and some snow flurries even! This week’s menu was centered around using up some protein choices we have had in the freezer waiting on the right week to incorporate them.

Menu for March 4th-10th

  • Monday
    B’fast- Breakfast fruit souffle (from Primally Inspired)
    Lunch- Tuna salad
    Dinner- Meatballs + roasted zucchini + spaghetti squash (meatball recipe from last week but using pork this week… Italian Paleo Meatballs)
    *Prep to put roast on to cook tomorrow.
  • Tuesday
    B’fast- Egg muffin salad or smoothie
    Lunch- Spaghetti leftovers
    Dinner- Roast (from Eat Live Grow Paleo) + veggies
  • Wednesday
    B’fast- Egg muffin salad + Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip muffin (from Multiply Delicious)
    Lunch- Tuna salad
    Dinner- Roast leftovers
  • Thursday
    B’fast- Egg muffin + banana muffin
    Lunch- Meatball salad
    Dinner- Roast leftovers
  • Friday
    B’fast- Muffins, eggs, and bacon
    Lunch- Roast leftovers
    Dinner- Salmon + sweet potato+ veggies
  • Saturday
    B’fast- Eggs, muffins, and bacon
    Lunch- Chicken salad
    Dinner- Date night, menu TBA
  • Sunday
    B’fast- Dark chocolate breakfast souffle (Primally Inspired)
    Lunch- Leftovers from date night
    Dinner- Paleo chili with bison (creating our own recipe!)

Today I have a pretty long “to-do/prep” list but it will be worth it for a care-free and tasty week! Here is what I will do today:

  • Wash all produce after grocery shopping (vinegar-water soak then rinse)
  • Chop all salad veggies so salad assembly will take seconds
  • Make Italian meatballs with ground pork
  • Bake The Food Lovers’ N’oatmeal raisin cookies (for a party and David!)
  • Bake Multiply Delicious Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Bake/roast post WOD chicken and potatoes
  • Prep egg muffin mixture to bake tomorrow

Last night to celebrate a successful race day we made the pizza I mentioned in the menu last week. We loved using the Against All Grain pizza crust recipe and all of our yummy toppings including cheese, salami, and pepperoni (combo from Whole Foods and Publix).

We opened one of our bottles of wine from a tasting we went to… so good! An “oaky/smoky” red which I love 🙂

Especially with an appetizer spread like that! We had uncured salami (Creminelli’s from Whole Foods), cheese, cracked pepper crackers, and chocolate.

Good looking pizza… all in paleo fashion!

The use of fresh parsley and basil just made this pizza pop! Loved every bite– we saved half for lunch today 🙂 Glad we did!

Happy Sunday– I need to get to my to-do/prep list 🙂

Get prepped for this week!!

3 thoughts on “Meal Plan: Week of March 4th

  1. Yum! Great week of yummy stuff Courtney! The pizza looks delish too! I so wish I could do cheese, but my body hates the stuff. 🙂 I hope you like the muffins. Those are one of my kids favorites! Have a great week!

    • Courtney says:

      Muffins rock– my husband loves them (as do I!). I look forward to trying your pizza from the e-cookbook 🙂 Thanks so much and I hope you have a great week full of delicious food too!

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