Beef, Bison, and Bacon

We are stocked up and ready for this week. This week will be a little different because of a few things. One, I have a race (Tuscaloosa’s Half Marathon) this weekend. Two, we have been with family all weekend (and what a wonderful weekend it was!) so I planned our menu on our way back. Three, number two means I will be grocery shopping tomorrow instead of today. I love not having to teach on Mondays, allows me to work things in so easily that don’t get checked off on the weekend.

Side note– I ordered my bison from Tropical Traditions (along with their fantastic coconut oil, coconut flour, pumpkin puree, and super dark chocolate). I can’t wait to try their bison (or buffalo). Just to share again, we order fish from Vital Choice, beef/bacon from US Wellness Meats, and now adding Tropical Traditions to the list for buffalo and many other items they offer (we are highly impressed with the gold label coconut oil they sent me!).
Menu for the week of February 25th

  • Monday
    Breakfast: Eggs, beef bacon, kale
    Lunch: Paleo on the go (meaning we will be eating out)
    Dinner: Salmon with broccoli and carrots
    *To-do: Boil eggs, make muffins, prep veggies, lay out short ribs)
  • Tuesday
    Breakfast: Egg muffins and morning glory muffin (PaleOMG recipe)
    Lunch: Turkey salad with veggies
    Dinner: Braised short ribs (Primal Palate recipe) with kale and cauliflower/carrot mash
  • Wednesday
    Breakfast: Egg muffin salad, avocado, and fruit
    Lunch: Turkey salad with veggies
    Dinner: Beef short rib leftovers
  • Thursday
    Breakfast: Egg muffins and morning glory muffin
    Lunch: Turkey salad with veggies
    Dinner: Jalapeno Bison Burgers (Practical Paleo cookbook recipe), salad, and sweet potato fries (going to somewhat follow this method from PaleOMG)
  • Friday
    Breakfast: Eggs, beef bacon, and veggies
    Lunch: Turkey salad with veggies
    Dinner: Burger leftovers
  • Saturday
    Breakfast: RACE DAY breakfast muffin and an egg
    Lunch: Paleo on the go (maybe Zoe’s or a salad at home!)
    Dinner: Paleo Pizza (Looking at a recipe from Against All Grain, but haven’t decided on a recipe yet. Very excited about this!)
  • Sunday
    Breakfast: Pancakes
    Lunch: Pizza leftovers
    Dinner: Roasted chicken and veggies

A delicious week planned…

Now we are home safely and going to eat something while catching some of the Oscars 🙂

Hope you have a great week… after this thesis deadline I hope to get back to posting more than just once a week– I miss sharing what goes on during the week so much. But look forward to finishing my thesis 🙂


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