Week 2 Meal Plan (Sugar Detox Style)

*Enjoy the random river pictures in the post 🙂 I have decided I want to bottle the sunshine.
David and I are cruising right on through the 21 day sugar detox. We are very happy with how we are feeling. We noticed a lot more energy today– meaning I didn’t have the urge to take a Sunday nap, instead I walked down to the river like I mentioned in my earlier post 🙂
So– here is our week 2 menu!
  • Day 8 (Sunday)
    B’fast- pancakes, egg muffin, carrotts (coffee with whipped coconut milk+cinnamon+cacao nibs)
    Lunch- leftover fish from our fish tacos with a veggie salad
    Dinner- Paleo Sushi from Make it Paleo
  • Day 9 (Monday)
    B’fast- eggs and bacon
    Lunch- turkey veggie salad (meeting my sister at Whole Foods for lunch– I will still to the salad bar + a protein and a yummy kombucha!)
    DInner- chicken soup with cauliflower rice
  • Day 10 (Tuesday)
    B’fast- yogurt parfait (full fat plain yogurt, vanilla extract, cacao, chia, pecans/walnuts, cinnamon, and almond butter)
    Lunch- turkey veggie salad
    Dinner- leftover chicken soup
  • Day 11 (Wednesday)
    B’fast- yogurt parfait or smoothie
    Lunch- turkey veggie salad
    Dinner- roast with veggies and almond rosemary biscuits from Multiply Delicious (minus honey of course)
  • Day 12 (Thursday)
    B’fast- yogurt parfait or smoothie
    Lunch- turkey veggie salad
    Dinner- leftover roast
  • Day 13 (Friday)
    B’fast- eggs and bacon (a date at the Broken Egg Cafe for me with a sweet friend!)
    Lunch- turkey veggie salad
    Dinner- flat iron steak with veggies
  • Day 14 (Saturday)
    B’fast- steak and eggs
    Lunch- steak wraps
    Dinner- salmon tacos
  • Post WOD and/or snacks:
    Green apple or banana with nut butter blend
    Beef jerky with nuts and coconut
    Chicken with sweet potato
    Coconut butter

Just some tips that we have thought of and wanted to share.

Cook a whole chicken. Just do it!

– Throw a whole chicken in the crockpot on Saturday night. Follow up with making broth… instead of dipping the broth to store, strain it into a soup pot. Add veggies and the chicken back in. Voila. You have at least 8 servings of super healthy chicken soup. We even saved 10 ounces of chicken for post WOD/snacks.

Eat your greens.

– Get a protein that can easily go on any salad. That way you can change up the veggies and dressings (oil types, seasoning blends, etc.).

Think of dinner as BOGO.

– Make a larger quantity of the entrée and you will be happier cooking it. I promise! It means no mess, just heat and serve the following night.

Breakfast can be easy and simple.

– You probably noticed that 3 days out of the week are breakfast items that can be fixed ahead. Currently I have 6 mason jars filled with yogurt and yummy mix-ins waiting on us to grab and go! It is easier to be more creative when you are not rushed for time in the AM.

That is all I have for tonight. Here comes another Monday 🙂

Eat well and soak in some sunshine,


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