Paleo Lifestyle… for the Stokes

Whew… I have been working away on my thesis and planning for a very cool challenge David and I are doing (day 2 today!). For the next couple of weeks I will be posting meal plans and “what we ate” each day. This might not be as exciting (and might be from my iPhone) as the other posts (for example, Bob the squirrel stories hah), but I need to use the blog for 21 days as more of a journal type blog… so don’t run and hide. I will make this as exciting as possible 🙂

I have been reading (typically before bed) Practical Paleo… love it and learning a lot. If you have a specific health concern or just want to learn the “why” behind a Paleo Lifestyle get the book. She also wrote the program for The 21 Day Sugar Detox that David and I are doing. Here is a great post and a sample meal plan from The Food Lovers Kitchen- Sugar Detox. See it is do-able 🙂

We are not doing this detox to lose weight… we are doing it to improve our fitness level and retrain our taste buds for natural sugar (haha other than kisses… hey, that is natural sugar!). We eat a rather clean diet, but I think this is a great program to expand our cooking horizons and try new recipes!

After the holidays is when I started the gluten free life (seen huge improvements in digestion and other symptoms) and then I got sick with the flu (hello gluten free soup and crackers!) sooo we are just now getting around to doing the detox. This is our first detox of any kind, so we are excited!

We want to make this year more “paleo” than last year. A lot of people have been asking about our paleo lifestyle and since this is what we believe fits us the best, I wanted to share our thoughts about paleo and what it means to us. So here it is in a sentence– The way we look at making our lifestyle paleo is this– it is a lifestyle that is customizable for each of us and all of y’all.

For example, David (and me a little bit) can handle dairy— we buy it on occasion, since it is not a staple in each meal for us, and we do organic full fat dairy and raw cheeses. Inform yourself on fats. Fats are good! David’s paleo lifestyle will vary a bit from mine because our bodies are different. This is what I like about this lifestyle, it is customizable.

*Analogy time… if you wear a size 6 in pants, can you go in every single store and get a size 6? Nope. You might be a size 4 in one store (in which you will choose to buy them all because that is the society we live in), size 8 in another (in which you will never visit again because of the society we live in), and then wear a small in that cute little dress (in which you will buy 3!). Point is… Clothes are customizable just like food. What fits one person (food or clothes wise!) might not work on another person just because they appear to look alike from the outside.

Okay, anyways, back to chatting about food 🙂 Our paleo goal is to prioritize eating choices/purchases by first lots of whole foods (meaning no labels) and well raised meats (to name a few: Vital Choice, US Wellness Meats, and Tropical Traditions).

Then treat ourselves (what many people refer to as “paleoize”) with things that the caveman/woman (ladies, especially during that time of the month haha!!) would have totally whipped up! Such as these chocolate chip cookies from The Food Lovers Kitchen. I made them and my goodness, y’all, no words!

Next treat recipe… their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream! Straight talk here… I remember telling David I might have to forever keep cookie dough in my lifestyle. Then BAM found that. I found it via their iPhone app (search for mykitchen Primal Palate)… you can make weekly menus and even make a shopping list. Anyways, they are coming out with a new cookbook for Paleo Entertaining– Gather. Can’t wait. I just got their other cookbook, Make it Paleo. Love!

The Paleo Community is growing and making this choice to have a paleo lifestyle easy guys. So when I want my cake on my birthday I can bake one! And that is the cool thing about making paleo your lifestyle, you can still have your cake and not be miserable after!

But what about Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, 4th of July?? I mean hello we have a lot of years ahead of us and each year is 365 days. Well guess what… At the heart of these holidays/special occasions we are mainly eating meat and veggies and fruit (typically with lots of starch and sugar hah), why not just clean them up?

Here are some great examples of paleo lifestyle in action:

Valentine’s Day from Paleo Parents
4th of July from Multiply Delicious
Halloween from Paleo Parents
Thanksgiving with The Food Lovers’ Primal Palate
Christmas cookies from Elana’s Pantry
and to make our favorite meal paleo… Fish Tacos from Against All Grain

They wouldn’t attach “lifestyle” to paleo if you couldn’t adapt it in each aspect of your life.

So that is our take on paleo… 🙂

To share the paleo love… I ordered Practical Paleo for my sister– a nutritionist who probably knows the “chemical” stuff behind this lifestyle, but I think she will love the thyroid information (and meal plan!) and recipes.

That brings me to tell you a few things about myself and how I got to lovin’ the things I love… my hobbies!

In case there are some people that are curious as to why I love all of this “stuff” 😉

*My sister is the one who, I give credit to, kicked off my love for nutrition and food back in 2007. I even looked into the nutritional world at UA– and loved my Nutrition 101 class, but didn’t feel the pull to make it my major.

We have changed a little…

08-17-2009 08_12_44PM


*My love for fitness wouldn’t have “stuck” as well as it did if not for Heidi, my best friend. We LOVED going to spin and other classes at the recreation center at UA.

She also introduced me to David (explains the picture below haha)… who got me hooked on, well him, hah!

Rolling right into my next love… Crossfit 🙂 If David didn’t love nutrition and fitness (you get both with Crossfit!) as much as he does– I doubt I would have ever done Crossfit (words straight from me when I first entered the box… “I have bad shoulders, so it probably isn’t for me. I mean I can’t do pull-ups.” Guess what? I do pull-ups now… take that physical fitness test back in elementary school!

This also spilled over to solving some health issues (with food)… who knew my body was telling me for a long time it can’t tolerate lots of grain!

Let me tell you– David and I have so much fun in the kitchen together (we throw high-fives all the time)! We always kid around that we could just build one big kitchen and live in it… maybe a small bed/bathroom would be nice too 😉

Moving on… My love for cooking and gardening… well that is from my family 🙂

That is my mom’s parents… they are the perfect example of what I want David and I to be when we are their age 🙂 Papaw always helps in the kitchen… and I get my “schedule/planning” side from Mamaw.

That is my dad’s mom… who still cooks all 3 meals everyday (feeds my dad every morning!). I remember making biscuits and pies from scratch with her growing up… and playing in her and papa’s huge garden. My urge to make everything “from scratch” and have my coffee black would be from her 🙂 My sweets-loving self… my papa!

How I wish I got my dad’s math/number brain (growing up I had to count cows, hardest thing ever, they move and hide better than any other animal I think)! Haha but he taught me to love and appreciate everything that comes from the land. AND the importance of knowing where the food came from and also how to do it yourself. Planting a garden– all from him!

Mom always let us help in the kitchen… I am not scared in the kitchen thanks to her! She also taught me how to can vegetables and fruits. And make some mean cornbread 🙂

*Thought that was a good use for just a tiny fraction of the wedding pictures that Ben from Finch Photography rocked out. He rocks.*

So anyways, later on I will post out first 7 day meal plan for week 1 of the sugar detox. And share pictures from Days 1 & 2 with a peak into our Sunday “cook everything” day!

Just wanted to share a little (more like a lot!) with y’all about our lifestyle 🙂

Stay healthy out there,

6 thoughts on “Paleo Lifestyle… for the Stokes

  1. Nikki Ward says:

    Love this! We have such a hard time explaining to people why we eat Paleo! As soon as they hear no bread they think we’re crazy! Lol! I’m reading The Paleo Solution, by Robb Wolf. If you haven’t read it, you should! It’s really good at explaining the why and how of Paleo!

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks so much! And agreed most people think it is too extreme but I’ve not talked to one person who says “I’ve tried it and I felt horrible” 😉 I haven’t read that book but I am reading a few cookbooks right now and The Paleo Diet for Athletes. Thanks for the recommendation… I’ll check it out for sure!

  2. […] worries we will keep up the meal planning to continue our paleo lifestyle (according to the Stokes!) that we have chosen to commit to. Pretty much doing the same as in planning but have a few more […]

  3. Kelley Coke says:

    Thanks Court for pointing me in this direction!!! Excited!

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