Days 6 and 7

This one will be short because I have a great post coming up with our week 2 (of the detox) meal plan!

Day 6– Friday

Breakfast: David and I enjoyed bacon, eggs, applesauce, and veggies. We love our bacon from US Wellness Meats!

Lunch: Turkey-veggie salad with sauerkraut.

Snack and post WOD: Beef jerky, coconut flakes, and pecans (straight from my grandma’s!).

Thankfully had that post WOD! I got on the board for “Annie”

Here was David’s post WOD and snacks for the afternoon.

Dinner: Chicken Veggie Salad… David rocked these salads!

So good! Peppermint tea, as always, before bed. I may have a problem haha– can’t go to bed without it!

Day 7– Saturday

Breakfast: Almond flour pancakes with bacon and 2 egg muffins.

Saved half the batter for Sunday… Loved doing that!

Lunch was after a great WOD and even some shopping with WOD Gear Clothing.

Love that blue!! Anyways, we had huge turkey veggie salads! No surprises… Because we had our hearts on dinner 🙂

Snack time: Coco-Monkey smoothies. I drank it so fast I almost didn’t get a picture haha. It has green banana, cacao powder, vanilla, ice, coconut water or liquid of choice, coconut butter, almond butter, and cinnamon. So easy!

Dinner: Against All Grain Fish Tacos with our primal and sugar detox friendly mojitos! Can’t wait to share the recipe for them 🙂

We used some fish David caught on his bachelor trip (Wahoo) and it turned out great (even with a shorter marinating time- whew!). The tortillas… Yes paleo and delicious! We look forward to trying them again and perfecting our tortilla making skills 🙂

We had the big girl camera out as well so we can share even more about our fish taco night… It’s a favorite for us! Here’s a behind the scenes look…

Hahah balancing lamps and tripods… Oh my! David is a sweeti for setting that up for optimal lighting 🙂

Well I look forward to sharing about day 8 tomorrow. Look for a post later tonight with out gameplan for the week. This week was so easy to plan… Hoping I can share some of our tips that made it easy and for making date nights in fun and feel special (we could go out while on detox, but hum did you see our fish tacos?!?).

Weekend #1 down… Now back to the thesis and meal prepping!

Oh– I did get some river time in today. I wish I could bottle sunshine. It just feels so good!


Hope your day had a little sun in it,

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