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Day 11

Breakfast: Nothing crazy… Full fat plain organic yogurt with oodles of mix-ins. Now David and I tested this out Tuesday-Thursday because we knew it would be our busiest mornings. It worked… But we found we needed more protein. So we decided an egg or two would be perfect. We wouldn’t do yogurt parfait every morning, but some weeks it is just so comforting to know that you have breakfast jars waiting in the fridge to grab and go!


Lunch: David’s Turkey-Veggie Salad 🙂 Kombucha on the side… delicious lunch 🙂


 Snack: Favorite snack yet! I had peppermint tea with a green apple (sliced) and a little almond butter dip (spoonful of almond mixed with some whipped coconut full fat milk, cacao, shredded coconut, and cinnamon). So good! And totally felt like a treat… I added a splash of coconut water to make it a little less almond butter and more dip like (the leftover from the full fat can– if you follow this method you’ll have leftover).


 Dinner: Roast with veggies and (not pictured!) coconut biscuits. Oh my roast… David said it is the best yet and I couldn’t agree more! Haha 😉

I pretty much followed US Wellness Meat’s crockpot roast recipe for the actual roast we got from them– that is where I got the slits stuffed with garlic I mention below.


METHOD: I took an onion and sliced it for the bottom of the crockpot. I gave that a splash of coconut aminos (maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons) and beef stock (1/4 cup to 1/2 cup) and then added a dash of the the smoky spice blend (from Practical Paleo and found on her website, Balanced Bites). I then rinsed and dried the roast… And finally rubbed sea salt and pepper all over it! I took my knife and made slits on the bottom and top of the roast. Stuffed those with garlic (I used whole garlic cloves– you can adjust the amount to your liking). I cut maybe 8-10 large cloves in half and stuffed 15-20 slits. SO GOOD!!!! Do it. I put the roast on top of the onion and placed 2 bay leaves on top. Sprinkled with a tiny bit of smoky spice blend (teaspoon maybe!) and another few splashes of beef stock. Lock that in on low and go!


Before going out the door– I cut up all those delicious veggies. Organic carrots, mushrooms, and another onion. I just chopped them up and stored in a ziploc bag— threw it in the fridge and ran out the door. The roast cooked from a little before 11am to 5pm on low. At 5pm (so 6 hours in) I dumped the bag of veggies in the crockpot with the roast. I locked it back in on low for 3 more hours (until around 8pm).


 When we got in from CF, I whipped up some coconut biscuits (I sprinkled in sage, nutmeg, and garlic in the batter) in 25 minutes.

The roast was perfect! Tender and full of flavor and the veggies weren’t mushy! The garlic practically melts into the meat… I got a bite of what was left of a clove and it had such a sweet garlic taste. Not bitter or too strong.


 Now I need to do some thesis work before CF! That was my post WOD view last night… I had 2 ounces of turkey with some delicious roasted sweet potatoes. Also sipped a new brand (thanks Jeremy!!!) Amy and Brain’s coconut water pre and post WOD. It is a whole new flavor… So delicious!


 Happy eating!!

10th Day

Shall we cut to the chase?

Okay 🙂 Good eats from day 10– woah look at the two digits!

Breakfast: Yogurt parfait with a ton if mix-ins. Then I went and grabbed some Heritage House coffee 🙂

Lunch, drinks, and snacks: Turkey-Veggie salad with an avocado and a couple of olives (from Whole Foods!). I drizzled that with avocado oil- just a touch. Love avo oil! For drinks, coffee and then I brought my tea cup for some tea and brought my water, of course. For snacks, green apple, sauerkraut, beef jerky, and nuts/coconut.

Luckily I packed my lunchbox (and backpack) because I was at school until 6:30 SO I needed practically all of that food.

Dinner: amazing leftover chicken soup (recipe/method here). After that long day, it was such a relief knowing dinner was ready and waiting. Gave me more time on my thesis. This is a big thesis week– that’s why I’m doing a lot of my “simple/hands off” recipes. No worries we will have some exciting and new recipes to try this weekend 😉 And we made these simple/typical recipes a little different. Like adding a coconut muffin along side the soup and the cauliflower rice in it!

Coasting along in our sugar-less land… David and I are feeling great with more energy and better sleep and so many other positives!
Day 11 has went great. Even though it started super early (4:30AM) with storms!

But it is so easy to listen to my body now and know when I need to eat before I get to the dreaded “I’m so ill and hungry!!! Give me food!” feeling. All happy here 🙂

Eat well tonight,