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Almost 2013

I can’t wait to do a review of 2012 soon… But I’m on a thesis deadline so that means little blogging and a lot of thesis-ing all topped off with crossfitting! So for now here is a quick 1, 2 punch at what is going on in the Cookin Up Life world in a pretty little list… 12 items for 2012 πŸ˜‰

1. Thesis edits.

2. No burpees. Haha we finished the 100 day burpee challenge… Yepee! Pictured below are some of the brave souls who completed the challenge. With all the flu viruses circulating in our gym I’m a bit surprised we still have a group of burpee challenge survivors!

3. Delicious celebratory lunch post WOD and 100 burpees at FIVE. Followed by a delicious date at Chuck’s that evening. Sushi and seaweed salad were eaten with some red wine sipped on the side πŸ™‚

4. Juicing. We love our Breville juicer so much and it is perfect for all the oranges (from our south Alabama family) and apples (from our north Alabama family). Eat some and juice the rest to use them up!

5. Kombucha. My digestive system has needed some good bacteria and I can’t wait to try out a new brand (pictures below). Since these are a bit pricey (although it is more than one serving and it’s packed with good stuff) I’ve been mixing a little of my juice (3 carrots+1 grapefruit+oranges) with a little kombucha. It’s tasty and make both last longer πŸ™‚

6. Sugar Detox. It will occur in my near future… I think it is a great idea! Here is a great article about it from the Paleo Parents and here is the Sugar Detox website if you’re interested!

7. Be on the look out for more paleo recipes and how to make something paleo here at Cookin Up Life in 2013 πŸ™‚ The Practical Paleo book is still being read and I’m still loving it. Not only is it super informative but it has some rockin awesome recipes I want to try. The 21 day sugar detox is by the same gal and also comes with lots of information and recipes if you buy the package (only $21 and you’ll be amazed at what you get to download and print off if you want!).

8. WoodWick candles… Amazing!!

9. Sunsets. It’s been raining too but man these sunsets and rises are outstanding!

10. Need a yummy appetizer tonight? Go with my all time favorite thing to bring to parties… Sheila’s Stuffed JalapeΓ±os! Here is the recipe link… Click me!

11. I hope I can move tonight. Today’s WOD was tough but a fun team WOD!

12. If you want something easy to throw together tomorrow… Make this beef and butternut squash stew from Eat Live Run. It’s out of this world and was cooked in the crockpot last night for us to enjoy today and for a rainy tomorrow! Last time I did her recipe as closely as I could… This time I used coconut oil for my oil needs and coconut sugar for the sugar needs. Turned out great!


To make this week an “easy planned” week I chose that beef stew and then the Health Bent pumpkin chili (last time was a hit!).

Delicious week πŸ™‚

Happy 2013… 2012 was awesome and I can’t wait to begin the next one (first one as a married woman ha)! This is our 4th New Year together… Cheers to that!

Stay healthy,

Christmas Recap

Christmas was just wonderful for me… I hope the same for you! It was a special Christmas, first one as a married woman and first one with my new family. And it was perfect πŸ™‚

I got lots of fun surprises… Including some fabulous pajamas that are perfect for us southern women (shorts with a button up top all in a nice light fabric!), a “paleo chef” tshirt (David got a matching one!), paleo skincare, wine and cheese, and a beautiful canvas and wine glass hand painted by my sister in law!! Overwhelmed with goodies and lots of love from my new family.

I’ve had my eye on this line of skincare from Primal Life Organics.

Lots of yummy food have been consumed and enjoyed over the past few days. From pork to deer to chocolate dessert to strawberry pretzel salad… And so much more!

David surprised me with a beautiful bracelet and I gave him some cologne. We drove down early to surprise his family… Successful surprise! And how could I forget the burpees… So close to being day 100!!!

Happy times when they are completed everyday. Trust me πŸ™‚ Sunsets have also created some super happy times (after a stormy Christmas Day!).

The sky was stunning.


It changed colors by the second…

Okay back to relaxing in this Christmas wonderland…

Merry day after Christmas… Because guess what? It is still a celebration!

Stay healthy,