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Sickness Update

It happens. Sickness that is.
Germs will somehow find a way to you and well you sometimes just end up sick. I did go to the doctor yesterday (Thanks Dr. Christenson and the great nurses!). And I did get a SHOT. I hate them but sometimes it’s necessary. I’ve not been this sick since this time last year. I remember because it was during the burpee challenge and I still got my burpees in… Dedication/obsession with completing a challenge 🙂 And here I am again sick but luckily in the early days of the challenge (9 burpees today!).

So while I’m eating my vegetable soup (Mom gave me some canned veg soup last time I was home!), staying warm under my “cloud” blanket, rocking those amazing cozy socks (don’t tell me you didn’t notice them), and of course watching some football… I thought I’d share some pictures from my hurricane research trip. They range from Picayune and Gulfport Mississippi to New Orleans. Enjoy 🙂

















Well that’s a wrap! I’ll be rolling with the Tide from my red couch!

Stay well,


I think I am sick… which is no fun. I have had a little bit of that sinus fun going around but nothing major. I now have a fever– but about to go teach! Hopefully the students will be nice to me 🙂

David knew I wasn’t feeling well so he brought me my favorite drink… kombucha. Love it. The fizziness always makes me feel a little better.

This morning I even skipped coffee and opted for some green ginger tea to give my immune system a little pep. Heritage House even had my favorite blend today… Tuxedo! I did have my normal Wednesday breakfast though…

Baked oatmeal with fresh fruit. For lunch I had a wonderful salmon salad that included greens, asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes/squash/zucchini, black beans, and feta. And obviously some salmon 🙂 We order all of our salmon (and things of the sea!) from Vital Choice. We had a wedding gift certificate and purchased some Silver Salmon Filets.

It is the easiest way to get fresh salmon… and you get some cool dry ice to play with.

A side note… we have officially started the 100 day burpee challenge again. Round 2! Here were the survivors last year… we shall see who makes it this year!

This is our last week in our current CF gym… Friday will be our last day there! Next week we will work out at different places around town (parks/fields/etc.) then be in our new place before we know it!

Long way to go but today is day 6… so I will do 6 burpees soon. At some point! Before we know it we will be meeting for the 100th day (again)… 5050 burpees in all. WOW!

Looks like I will go home and enjoy some pumpkin beer bread and some soup 🙂

Have a good Wednesday- I am excited because my ABC shows start back this week, yah!