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2 Types of Pancakes

Just in case you need pancakes in the morning… I thought I better share 2 options.

Option 1… How to make a bad pancake batter. I mean there are a lot of things in life where it’s best to find out what NOT to do as opposed to continually doing what TO DO. Okay, maybe that’s not a good moto, but I just thought I’d share a kitchen fail before a win 🙂

**Always test out the first pancake. You never know when you might find a GREAT recipe and get so excited that you add baking soda instead of baking powder… Yeah. I did that. And just so my mistakes can be your victories I thought I’d share. It doesn’t taste good. At all!

Moving to Option 2… Always make coffee first while your pan is warming up. The whole coffee deal has this thing called caffeine that seems to help me, well, make better decisions in the kitchen. Such as using baking powder, not baking soda 🙂

So while your pan is heating up, sip some coffee. Then mix your batter… I used this recipe and it was fantastic. Especially when you’re out of milk!

I use a measuring cup to keep my pancakes around the same size… And it’s not as messy.

I also set my oven to warm and put my plates in there. It’s nice having warm pancakes and usually as the cook you end up eating cold ones by the time you sit down. Not with this trick though!

I always let the cake cook until bubbles form then flip! See that big yellow spatula… That’s the best flipper around!

As you finish them just place them on the plate in the oven. Voila!

Now for the toppings… Almond butter, a little strawberry jam, and a drizzle of maple syrup!

We are dealing with some serious yummy pancakes… Fluffy too! I used my non-stick skillet and for the first time making pancakes I didn’t butter the pan. Just poured the batter on in… Maybe it’s the butter in the batter?

We got our travel documents in the mail for the honeymoon!!! Cannot wait 🙂

Have a happy weekend,

Engagement Party #1

I am so excited that I can FINALLY post about the engagement party my parents (and family/friends) gave us at the farm! You see, I haven’t been about to post from my computer… only from my phone (if you haven’t noticed)… and my computer has all the farm pictures. So yeppee!!

So I think I will start with the details… under the tent 🙂

Starting with the tables 😉

The tablecloths: Blueberries and blue flowers

The tables were graced with our favorite drink-ware: Mason jars. But they were all dressed for the occasion with a candle inside for when the sun went down.

To compliment the smell of summer and the blueberry theme… lemon thyme in a terracotta pot.

Lemon mint as well…

Some oil lamps…

And, oh heavens, the hydrangeas from my mom’s bushes. They are beautiful! I am going to just post a few of the pictures I took of them. They were very photogenic and the arrangements they made with them were just outstanding!

And one of my favorites…

And one final one… up close and personal…

Very nice. Moving out from the tent… the welcome area.

Just loved the chapel Mom had out there…

The door decoration… haha you can see me in my boots if you look closely.

The swing (one of the many things my Papaw Junior made for Mom)…

We had quilts made by grandparents and great grandparents scattered about.

They were draped over rocking chairs… that have been in the family way longer than I have. There were also wind chimes made out of rope and cow bells 🙂

For optional seating, the pool area was brought in.

This quilt I hope to carry on my trip for bridal portraits… my grandparents made it for my parents when they got married.

The back pasture looked very nice…

Now to introduce the food (and chefs!)… here is the food table.

Here are the chefs for the shrimp boil…

A lot of people brought icecream, cookies, cobblers, fried pies, etc. Haha during the prayer, the cows came marching in for their afternoon visit to the pond.

Here is a shot down the table… again this only pictures some of the food.

Here is the peanut butter cake (David’s favorite… I think Mom likes him better hah)!

To drink… Mason jars with sweet tea or lemonade (both homemade and delicious)!

Speaking of homemade… I could eat homemade icecream and fried pies all day long. I need a job where I can do that.

The sunset was gorgeous!

And it was the perfect ending to a perfect engagement party on the farm 🙂 Confession… I started this post Saturday. And I am just now finishing it! Crazy summer but loving every minute of it. We had a surprise party Saturday night given by our wonderful Crossfit community. David and I were SO surprised… it was perfect! Speaking of CF, this is HERO WEEK. It is Wednesday and I am HURTING! Each workout is dedicated to someone who died while serving in armed forces, so when I think “this workout is too hard” or “I don’t feel like going” I snap out of that soon… they decided to do this the week before the 4th due to, ya know, people going out of town and such. So I can’t move, BUT I want to do all 5 WODs!

Now I have to get ready to go try on my dress 🙂 It is back from alterations and I can’t wait to try it on!

Have a great mid-week and smile a lot,