Sometimes in life you have to prioritize… it might come at you gradually or it might hit you quickly. A great example of “hitting me quickly” was recently when I was reading a blog post over at Iowa Girls Eats I realized that a recipe was a priority.

I mean the title hooked me and I just knew the post was heaven sent… “I Don’t Feel Like Making Dinner” Dinner (click for the recipe)… **I was nodding my head as I read the post totally agreeing with the fact I really didn’t want to make dinner either**

Yes… she had me pinned (actually I pinned it on my recipe board… I will never think of pin the same, thanks Pinterest). In that moment, I read the beginning of the post, stopped at the list of ingredients, made a list, ran straight to Winn Dixie, bought the ingredients, and came home and made the “MOST AMAZING” dinner ever (David said… and me too)!

Haha it was the NFL draft night and I thought something “football/tailgate-ish” would be fitting while watching (okay mainly David was watching) the draft… and the fact that it looked AH-mazing.

I guess the Crossfit in me had to actually test the time… so I set the timer to 30 minutes and got to fixin’ dinner… spoiler alert, Iowa Girl Eats and Picky Palate aren’t fibbing, 30 tops, and easy clean-up!








For the protein, the recipe calls for chicken but I had stuck a beef roast in the crock-pot the day before and had the meat already shredded in a bowl. So I used that for my protein.








Another GREAT thing about this recipe… it is now in my official recipe book. I have been on the hunt for an enchilada recipe that mimicked what I had for dinner one of the first visits to Texas. My cousins made the best enchiladas I have ever had… and this was the closet I have ever tasted to them. This is a deconstructed enchilada… and using my favorite sauce, verde/green chili.








Did I mention you just throw your ingredients together into a baking dish and top with cheese. It is that easy… but for some pretty pictures and great directions go check out the post at Iowa Girl Eats 🙂 One (of many) of the cool things that I enjoy from her blog… Friday Favorites. Every Friday she flies around the web and finds all sorts of cool things that she shares on the Friday Favorite post. Be sure to check that out too!








When you take this tasty looking dish out of the oven… beware you will want to dig right in! It is good y’all. Promise.








Instead of salsa or pico, I decided to make a little kale-pico!


  • Shredded Kale (massaged in lime juice and salt/pepper)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (sliced)
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Lime Juice
  • Salt/Pepper to taste

This accompanied my serving of the enchiladas along side some blue corn tortilla chips. So good! I was going to make Pico De Gallo, but just decided to change it up with some farm fresh kale I had on hand. I thought the kale replaced the green onion well, the green bell pepper replaced the jalapeno nicely, and the cherry tomatoes made the whole thing just perfect!








Well another thing made it perfect… the (David’s speciality) mojito 🙂

So the other type of priority (type 2)… the ones that gradually build up to the point where you know you must stop, prioritize, and get things done. So I want to be upfront with you guys… the reason why this whole post is entitled priorities is because well I am officially “down to the wire” with my thesis. In other words, I have deadlines. I have due dates. My first one is next Tuesday, May 9th! And I have post-its with my goals now lining my desk area. And if I achieve them one by one I will graduate soon!

All that to say, I will be trimming down on a lot of things that I love in order to give a lot of extra time and attention to my thesis work. One being daily (not lately haha!) blog posts 🙁 I have tried to trim down a little but I think it will make it easier on me and my awesome audience if I am upfront with my blog plan. I would like to transition (for the month of May as of now) to a weekly post. I am thinking a weekly post on Wednesdays at a particular time (any ideas??), so you will know when to expect it and then a “Hey, here are my vitals” post whenever I need a break!

I will be focusing on DC Garden updates and a recipe every week for the weekly blog post 🙂 So any encouragement… Icees… care packages…  kind words… you catch my drift will be appreciated. I do have some Love Grown Foods Granola on the way that I won over at Edible Perspective (check her out)!

Have a happy Tuesday and talk to you soon 🙂