The Proposal

Wednesday David and I celebrated 3 whole years of dating. I shared some of the pictures from year 3… even the throw back to Halloween (who knew we could pull off the Adams Family!). Little did I know that he was using the entire day to build up to a proposal!

1. Surprise #1 was a yellow rose given to me that morning. It just appeared… and I kidded around and asked if he was growing a garden I didn’t know about! I trimmed it and placed it in, shocking I know, a mason jar! Then I scooted off for the day.

Later he told me that was symbolizing year 1… friendship!

2. Surprise #2 came while I was at a local coffee shop working on my thesis. He walked in with a 2nd rose…

Again I was surprised and thanked him! Threw another joke out about him growing roses on the side. He also knows that I love my grandparents’ roses so much; I grew up getting roses they grew, so I normally just tell him to skip the roses and go for whatever is in season (or food haha)! So really I didn’t think about the roses having meanings with them, I just thought he was bringing me a different rose to create a cool arrangement in the mason jar!

This rose symbolized our second year of being together… it is a yellow rose turning red which means “falling in love.”

3. Surprise #3- I made it home and knew he had made reservations at 6pm for us at a place in Birmingham (Oceans). So I started getting ready and he walks in with a 3rd rose. A red one this time!

I thanked him and told my little jar was filling up! I said aw 3 roses for 3 wonderful years… that is so sweet! I had even texted Leanne earlier that day and she told me later that she was sure to say 3 for 3 years so I wouldn’t think something was up! It worked! Haha so I upgraded to a bigger jar and we left for Oceans. Which we kidded about the whole drive up there, saying we were headed to the Ocean!

This rose symbolized our 3rd year of dating… a red rose means “in love.” At this point, I truly didn’t think anything about all these surprises because he is so sweet about just surprising me randomly and making me feel special!

4. Dinner at Oceans… okay call me Ms. Piggy, but the whole day I wasvpumped to go eat here! David and I always cook and we enjoy it so much– so when we get to go out to eat at a new place (that we hear rave reviews about) we just get to so excited!!! Keep in mind, it is Wednesday evening, therefore the Crossfit Games WOD 12.4 was being released at 7pm (so of course we were trying to figure out what the workout was going to be)! And yes we checked it right at 7pm.

Here is what we got at the restaurant:

A pinot noir from a vineyard we visited while visiting my cousins in California! We were SO excited to see a wine we knew… very few times can you say while ordering “Oh I have visited that vineyard, I remember tasting their pinot and it was divine. I would like a bottle.” So we ordered a wine that have had thousands of miles away at vineyard…

Appetizer— Spicy Lobster Rangoon with a sweet chili glaze.

These were amazing! Lobster, cream cheese, and peppers in a little pouch then fried!

Salad— with fried feta cheese on top. We are in the south people, therefore, we fry things!

Entrée– The highlight… I got the special that night. Since the restaurant was celebrating 10 years… they offered a small portion (AKA normal portion haha) of their top 4 entrées! I had seen it on Facebook the night before and had been telling David about it the entire day!

Pan seared grouper with grits (back left), petite lobster pot pie (back right), nori crusted tuna (front left), and petite filet mignon (front right).

So cute… and so yummy 🙂 The steak came with blue cheese potatoes. I never order steak out in a restaurant simply because my dad can out cook any steak chef… and since I grew up having his, I just don’t chance it out in a restaurant! But this one might be #2 to dad’s! So good! The tuna came with some wasabi mashed potatoes… so cool! Do you see why I was so excited 🙂

David got the deep fried red snapper… the whole fish! He was telling me about he and his uncle would go deep sea fishing and how they would fry the tails and it was so good! Again this is normal date night/out in public “chatter” for us. Jumping from topics like working out to fishing to food… you get the point! Just talking about random things that come in our minds… so nothing was fishy! Haha sorry had to say fishy… couldn’t resist 😉

Dessert— I got “chocolate sin,” WOW!!! Amazing… what I love about this place is that the fish are fresh and brought in daily and the ice cream is made daily, along with any pastry! That is worth eating like Ms. Piggy for a night 🙂 The ice cream above… nutella! It was divine.

David ordered (we never order 2 desserts, I should have clued in here haha) Baklava. What they are known for, dessert wise. Well along with their homemade ice creams. It was good too!

After dessert we both were so full… we hung out for a little bit and then took off back to Tuscaloosa. Again nothing on the way home that was odd… I had pulled up the WOD video to watch it for rules and then we were listening (me) singing (him) to music. NORMAL… stuff!

At this point, little did I know, EVERYONE was waiting on us to get back and for him to propose haha! Leanne had texted me and asked if we went to World Market… she was trying to see where we were hah! Heidi my best friend texted me before dinner… I think we took longer at the restaurant than expected! I had no idea THEY ALL knew and had kept this a secret for MONTHS!!!! Sneaky!

Fast forward… we arrived at the apartment. Unlocked the door… all normal ya know? And the dining room light was on, and I kidded and told him I got him and left that one on (he is all about turning off lights when we leave, I am not and always try to sneak one in on him). He said “I have one more surprise for you” well I joked back and said “really, more roses, you have to tell me where you are hiding them!!” I walked in and saw this…

I said “sweet, another piece of antique jewelry?!?!” I mean look at that bag, how adorable! His client at the gym made that!! I could just die with all these hidden meanings and sweetness! He said “I don’t know, go see!” So I opened the bag and saw a black velvet box… I truly can’t remember if I peeked in, because at that point I still thought earrings or something. But knew it was something important since it was a black velvet box!

He snatched the box out of my hand… he said while getting on the ground (thought he was kidding when he went down) “We have made lots of memories here, and I wanted to propose somewhere special, so COURTNEY NICOLE THOMPSON, will you marry me??”

Okay, pause, you want to know when I knew he was NOT KIDDING or pulling my leg? When he said my ENTIRE name, I knew he meant business! Of course, I squealed and said YES OF COURSE!! Then immediately said, “when did you talk to my parents??” And “are people hiding in the apartment because I am not sure if I made my bed this morning!!!” Haha…. oh the things that come to mind after a proposal! He said yes I talked to them a while back and then he started telling me the meanings behind all the roses!

2 red roses together mean “Will you marry me?” Did you know that??? I didn’t and know that I do I feel like a more romantically-intelligent person. Ha!

I called Heidi… because I was crying, screaming, laughing, and all sorts of noises but he said she knew so I called her…. I didn’t want to freak my parents out when I called past 9pm, not able to get a word out! Well upon Heidi answering she screamed then we talked about the whole thing… while I was mesmerized by the ring! I texted anyone I could think of (Leanne and Carla first haha!!)… I called my parents… I got a phone call from a GOOD friend Niki… called my sister… Then put it on my Facebook status haha because my phone was dying and knew I wanted everyone to know, but didn’t’ have enough battery to call/text everyone! I was speechless with the well wishes on there for David and me 🙂 A BIG thank you to EVERYONE!

I have never tried one (a ring) on… this is it! I didn’t tell him what cut (I had no clue) or anything! It is perfect… I mean perfect! It even has this vintage/antique touch beyond the diamonds on the band and under the diamond. It said “Courtney” he said when he saw it 🙂 I agree!

The proposal couldn’t have gone better… It was perfect! If I had written down how I wanted the proposal to go this would be it! He nailed it… not only did I get a ring and roses… I also landed a sweet cooler!

Hahah! He had to go buy it and ice to keep the roses pretty during the day… it all makes sense now!

I must admit… that night I got one of my wooden handmade bowls from Africa to be my “ring bowl” and placed it right beside my bed. Who was I kidding though– I just couldn’t NOT sleep without it… haha so I placed right back on my finger during the night 🙂

So if I left out anything– I will tell you later but that gets the story out there 🙂

Oceans review— GO THERE soon. So so so delicious!

Hope today is great,

6 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Larry Mosley says:

    Congrats young lady,I just hope he really knows just how special you are.Wishing ya’ll all the luck in the world,Just don’t forget to come see us sometimes.We’ll ride the old bike.

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks Larry! I sure hope he knows what he is getting into– I gave him 3 years to be sure! Haha thanks so much and I sure look forward to seeing yall 🙂 Bike ride for sure!!! I do know the “bike wave” so I will look like a pro!

  2. Carly Standridge says:

    I am so happy for you!!! You deserve nothing but the best and it sounds like you got it :). Congratulations to you both, sending my love and best wishes!!

  3. Sandy Chappuis says:

    Courtney and David, Congratulations. Love is great when it is the right person and it sounds like you two were made for each other. Tell David you have relatives in Central Fl. if he ever wants to come this way. Good luck with all your plans. Cousin Sandy and Alan

    • Courtney says:

      Thanks cousin!!! I hope to come down so I can tell you about my short trip to NYC. I still plan on going with you 🙂 David is from Brewton,AL and has relatives in Florida so we might just show up at your door one day 😉 Love you!

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