Post-proposal update

It’s been 10 days… And I’m happy to say I’m officially marrying David in August… On August 11, 2012 we will start our journey as husband and wife 🙂

In Tuscaloosa at Calvary Baptist Church!

I’ve gotten engagement flowers from my best friend…

Finally got my Loft items in the mails! Cardigan, scarf, and shoes. The maxi dress is coming 🙂 I hope!!

Mom came to visit. Bringing a pretty surprise… And my W-2 form. I did my taxes!

She also brought magazines… Along with some food magazines.

Last post-master’s degree application went out! Praying I get accepted to JSU’s program!

Received some great new oils to burn in my apartment… Love this for spring time!

And that is one of David’s favorite date spots… Taziki’s! I have a cool post coming up on places to go out to eat… That give you great food 🙂

So guess what? I’ve got the church booked, dress bought (I just can’t wait to share the dress moment!!), contacts for cake and florist, photography (yah huge priority!!!), and looking at booking a reception venue tomorrow! All within 2 weeks of engagement. Maybe I should plan weddings for a living?? No this wasn’t done without my friends and David’s support! I’ve got a thesis to write so the more I get done now the better off I am 🙂
Another reason why it’s been so easy, because after the engagement we sat down and made a wedding priority list.
Here are the top 3 priorities:
– Food/drinks (good food that is our style, neat drinks, and 2 amazing cakes)
– Photographer (huge piece of the months leading up to the wedding with engagement pics and bridal)
– FUN reception (band and just a good atmosphere to celebrate)

Of course the church was #1 and once it was booked I started on the priority list… While keeping in mind a few small wants– I want a lot of glass jars (not necessarily mason but I’d love that), accents of lace/neutral tones, and seasonal flowers!

I would love to keep everything simple and stress-free and all centered around David and me committing to one another. After all the point of the day is… A yummy cake… Hah kidding! The point is– that at the end of the day (August 11) we are married. Pure and simple.

Keep it simple out there,

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