David and I have been dating 3 years 🙂




This year of dating has brought more Bama games… And I’m just saying, 2 out of the 3 years we have been together Bama has won a national championship 🙂 Lots of traveling again this year with our love for fitness. Many many tasty adventures in the kitchen… New recipes and new cookware! Year 3 has also brought us closer to our true selves… Meaning Gomez and Morticia haha! That was from Halloween 😉 Hahah! I think we will compete this Halloween!

Today I have gotten 3 roses so far… First a yellow… Then while I was working on my thesis (yes that is occurring!!!) at a local coffee shop (go check out Tuscaloosa’s amazing Heritage House for local art, yummy coffee, tea, etc.) I was surprised by a handsome boy with the rose pictured above. Upon coming home to my apartment I had a 3rd one this time red! He sure knows how to make me feel special! Now we are off to Oceans in Birmingham to enjoy dinner… Check out my purse. So excited- got it I’m NYC!

I have my Loft shirt (you can see the print above) with my skinny jeans and then my favorite shoes!

The restaurant is actually celebrating its 10th anniversary so they have all sorts of yummy specials that I just can’t wait to try… Lobster pot pie anyone?? Here I the link to the restaurant… Oceans.


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