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My 24th birthday was a hit! It included….
Thanks to the parents! And my mom had them do ivory and white flowers with bright green accents… Ideas for the wedding 🙂20120331-155956.jpg20120331-160006.jpg20120331-160021.jpg
Pretty flowers delivered directly to the office! Speaking of office I was asked on a birthday lunch by Jaclyn and Cory!

We walked over to Zoe’s… My favorite! I had the pita pizza and then they got me some chocolate cake (Zoe’s speciality!). Thanks Cory for the perfect birthday lunch!

After birthday dessert they surprised me with a sweet gift!!

Came home from school and David had a surprise for me! A new bracelet!

Always nice to have a reminder to laugh 🙂

We were in Birmingham before we knew it to meet my parents at Chuy’s for birthday dinner. I had shrimp tacos and they were great! That was also my dad’s first time to see my ring- he approved 😉 Another fun fact… I got to see my dear friend Christen! She was with two other sweeties, Anna and Kelsey, great seeing them! After dinner, David and I ran in Lululemon (we are looking for some outfit ideas for engagement pictures– we want a lulu picture!). I had bought David shorts and a shirt but too big so we returned and got him some great stuff! We noticed Pink Berry and had never had it… The girls at Lululemon highly recommended it! So we gave it a try. I tasted salted caramel but we both ended up getting original with their imported peanut butter crunch! Since it was my birthday… I got sprinkles in the form of chocolate shavings!

Perfect! Mom gave me a darling dress from Loft and told me to be sure to go treat myself at the Loft (I had $15 off for my birthday and $20 in rewards!). So I did and lets just say it was a GREAT post birthday “Loft day” yesterday! I ended scoring some staple pieces and some great pieces for parties and pictures! Speaking of wedding…. Want to see the location of the reception????

The University club… And we found/booked a band and a sweet ride (stretch jeep!!!). And another fun fact… Invitations are in the works from Kyle Fine Stationary! Waiting on a proof… So excited about them.
I probably should do a post soon on only wedding… But I kinda like just adding a little here and there. Also at some point in the near future I’ll be sharing how David and I met and our little story 🙂
Have a great Saturday,

Birthday Time Again

I love birthdays… I can’t wait to share what all awesome things have happened on my first day of being 24 🙂


The 24 year old…