Ringing in 2012!

Well I actually posted my year in review at 11:59 last night… that was NOT planned haha it just happened to be the best time for me to get my post together! It was a little random…. but packed full of links to a few (more or less) posts per month. I tried to sum up each by choosing one post, but that was too hard!

We had some friends over to ring in the New Year. We (the girls and the boys helped too) quickly planned a night full of fun food to count down to midnight. We had wine (Old Vine Red) and beer (Flat Tire) to go with the appetizers.

The appetizers included: veggie tray, spinach-artichoke dip, cream cheese with pepper relish, grapes, guacamole, salsa, and chips/crackers! David cooked some soup (another yummy soup from the soup mix basket, the other one was Chicken and Rice Soup). This time we had Cheesy Enchilada Soup… it was delicious (and I took my lactose supplement so I was able to have a bowl too).

The salad course was a spinach-cranberry salad… she found this one on Pinterest and made a few changes to it. It was yummy 🙂 For dessert, I went the easy way out and did chocolate chip cookies with some (lactose-free) vanilla ice cream (it was amazing!!). Can’t go wrong with an original like that!

I chose the Immaculate Chocolate Chunk Cookies…

They were perfect in under 10 minutes. I was able to play a little Mad Gab while they baked. That is the best thing about cookies (or crumbles) for a party… if you don’t make have time to make something ahead of time, at least have one that you can throw into the oven and not be caught in the kitchen the whole night! If I would have had some fruit on hand, I would have put together a crumble (or this one) before company arrived and threw it in the oven later in the night. Sure way to serve a “fresh from the oven” dessert with no stress 🙂

We also opened some home-made and organic, Muscadine Wine. It was good! We threw some frozen peaches and seltzer water in there too to give it a little fizzle 🙂

We had to plan our food/drinks to keep us awake and enough to spread out for 5-6 hours. I think we accomplished that! Leanne made a yummy bubbly drink (found here) for us to toast the New Year!

We watched the guys jump the water in San Diego during the Red Bull New Year No Limits show. That was cool… I was nervous for them! Whew glad they made it! Then we played some more Mad Gab… and I did my blog post 🙂 Then counted down and said Happy New Year with a toast!

It was fun!

Oh hey, I didn’t do any burpees today!!! Yah!!! Haha no I sorta kinda missed them (not all 100), but I did feel weird not doing any burpees. I got over it, no worries 😉

David and I are taking on a small business venture over at Beyond Organic… you can buy high quality and organic items that are sustainably grown. Check our website out…(www.davidandcourtney.mybeyondorganic.com) and browse away! It takes a minute to load so be patient!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy first day of 2012.


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