Pizza Party

You will be blown away by these pizzas… Cold weather, of course, means soup, but it to me I always crave some pizza! Warm, cheesy (with goat cheese of course), and just yummy! So without hesitation I am unveiling TWO pizzas that make my clock tick… my pop tart pop… my dryer buzz… I could go on but we have pizzas to get to people πŸ™‚ Pizza #1:

And just a side note… I am sorry for the sporadic posts… I have been a bit busy (school wise). Can I just say I have missed my blog time so much! Reading others and writing for you guys. I always feel like I am just talking to one of my close friends when I do a post. I hope you feel that way! Okay, back to the pizza. Pizza #2:

Look yummy? I agree… what inspired Pizza #1 was Eat Live Run’s Deep Dish Pizza recipe. I read that and I was sold. I ran out and bought (I will make homemade dough one day) some pizza dough options from Publix. Yes, I bought more than one dough ball… I knew if I made one pizza I would want another one at some point. And ideas usually hit me in pairs, so I thought hey, why not grab 3 dough balls. We have one left waiting for its big day… it will become a masterpiece… maybe a fall pizza recipe with some pumpkin and that sort of jazz (inspiration pulled from my Green Pizza).

Pizza #1: Deep Dish Special (adapted from ELR)
-Pizza Dough
-Pizza Sauce
-2 types of cheese (I did goat cheese mozzarella and an Italian mix)

Bake until golden… ELR suggested 425 degrees for 15 minutes, which worked for mine! Serve with some roasted veggies.

Hey why not throw in a pan of veggies to roast while the oven is hot πŸ™‚

Eggplant ^^

Peppers ^^

Garlic and some basil to garnish πŸ™‚ The “basil jungle” is still kicking… I am pretty sure the cold snap we are about to have will get it though… I do hope Larry and the gang find another pent house… maybe they will be on HGTV House Hunters! If you don’t know who Larry is… read that post about the basil jungle (and you will probably still think I am crazy).

Pizza #2: Pesto Chicken Pizza
-Pizza Dough
-Cheese (goat cheese moz with Italian blend again)
-Tomatoes (sliced)
-Oregano to garnish

Preheat a pizza stone then cook for 15 minutes on 425 degrees… until golden.

I served this with a massaged kale salad. I tore my kale into small pieces, put olive oil-garlic-sea salt and you guessed it… massaged it with my hands to soften it up a bit. Makes for a quick side πŸ˜‰ And to end on a good veggie-filled note…

Week 27 Harvest Basket
-Salad Mix
-Beets (yah… time for some Beet and Goat Cheese Risotto)

Yummy… I also want to cook my collards all day in the crock-pot for some tender greens πŸ™‚

Race… is around the corner!! Sunday can’t get here fast enough. Burpee Challenge Day 26… I am on track and ready for day 27! I am having some slight lower leg pain so no running until race day… only rowing for me and then rest days… or should I say “cold days,” it is going to be chilly here in Alabama. Perfect for the Bama/Tennessee game!

Get some zzz’s– they make you pretty and happy which is a winning combination in my book.


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