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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you had a great day 🙂 Guess what David and I ended up as for Halloween? I’ll give ya one guess… Pictured below:

Yep… The Addams Family… Snap snap… Meet Gomez and Morticia:

We had a blast with it! I went through so many ideas and now have a good stash for costumes… Gotta be prepared- who knows when I might need a green wig, pink dress, or vampire teeth!

Or a creepy mask… I’m telling you I have a variety of costume pieces now 🙂
We are now officially in final countdown mode to LSU v. Bama game! Woohoo! Roll tide! And tomorrow will mark day 40 for 100 day burpee challenge. We had a “zombie” themed WOD today which was a lot of fun… And Saturday we had a charity WOD (Amazing “Grace”) and raised $1930 for breast cancer awareness! It sure was great to see the CrossFit community come together for a great cause!

Happy Halloween y’all!

Best B&B’s up “North”

I know what you are thinking… I took off and went and stayed at a lovely place similar to the one Lorelai (and Sookie) owned in Gilmore Girls… The Dragonfly Inn… any Gilmore Girl fans out there still? Just my best friend and me? Haha…

I love that show… and still wondering why ABC Family decided to pull it from the 10am and 4pm slots! Weird… anyways, I didn’t make it to the Dragonfly Inn. I did make the trip to North Alabama though! I had dinner at the Ponderosa… steaks, sweet potatoes, bread, and salad which was delicious! A rice crispy treat for dessert with a cup of coffee! We traveled out to my sister and her husband’s house for the night. This was my first time to see the house! It was just great 🙂 Perfect for them!

Gus was very excited to see me… it had been awhile! Sweet darling is well-behaved and so handsome!

Gus was in his favorite spot to greet me…

Sister gave me a tour of the house and then talked about ideas for each room. It is great as is, but they want to put their touch on it 🙂 They have great taste… and very classy decorations for fall!

Gus showed me to my room…

By the way… I love the entry way! It is tall and open!

Then we saw Keke…

Had to say hello to her… I was happy to see her too. She likes me a lot… she reminds me of our first cats… Jasmine (sister’s) and Cocoa (mine). The tour continues… to the back porch.

Surrounded by woods… so nice!

Gus enjoys gathering wood in his spare time… and watching The Weather Channel 🙂

He also loved sitting in my lap… you see me peeping around him?

Hahah I love it! The bigger they are the smaller they think they are… he just looks at me like “wow, you seem taller when standing… ” Then he dozes off 🙂

I then traveled back out to the Ponderosa where Mom greeted me with a second breakfast (mid-morning snack… we woke up at 6am and even got in a walk with Gus! Great time!). Mom whipped up some toast with nutella. Sliced banana and brown-sugar/cinnamon sprinkled on top. 2 eggs on the side 🙂

We then took off to do some shopping! Yepee!! We both lucked up on shoes… and I got some new bowls to give the oatmeal some pops of color since I will not be using bright berries that much (hello pumpkin). Hit up the fall sales at Bath and Body Works. I got a darling porcelain owl that warms scented oil… yes I bought a bird thing but it will fill my little apartment with “Orchard Leaves” smell and it is fake 🙂 Maybe it will help with my fear of birds… or not haha! I also got some moccasins… can’t wait to wear them… hang on I did already! It was freezing last night when we got in and I slipped into them! So comfy… I also got 2 pairs of flats. Super pumped they passed the “walk around the store” test now we will test them on campus (the true test).

Off to P.F. Changs for dinner. So delicious 🙂 I had a Coconut-Lemon Sour drink, yum! And the chicken lettuce wraps.

Mom ordered an entre for us to share too…

I ordered another appetizer… Pork and Leek Dumplings

Fortune Cookies… favorite part!

This morning started with another wonderful breakfast. I had a small serving of oats with a Granny Smith apple, nutella, and brown sugar/cinnamon mixture. Then eggs and coffee (and a magazine) on the side!

Today was filled with good visiting time… I saw my grandparents… sister again (at Specialty Wellness… got some GREAT stuff)… and Heidi! My best friend! We were so happy to see one another and enjoyed a tasty lunch together. So now I am back… Halloween party tomorrow night for David and me. We don’t know who we will end up as, but I am sure I will have pictures to show! Ne recipe in this post… but I do have a hankering for some Chili Version 1.0… it is COLD!

Stay warm… My sweat shirt and moccasins are calling my name 🙂

Pumpkin love,

P.S. I do not have a pumpkin yet… not a one. That will be fixed ASAP… the Halloween fairy will visit soon and drop a few pumpkins off and some I can cook with! Also, the leaves are changing. Take a picture tomorrow… we will have naked trees in no time!