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Salsalicious Chicken

I know I say this a lot, but you MUST try this… I am a recent crock-pot owner and now see what all the rage is about. I would have loved this thing when I started living on my own in the apartment. Not only does it smell up the place with a nice aroma, it is super easy! It was so easy, I wanted to make it harder. As in, I kept wanting to stir it or check it. Luckily I read the more you open your pot up the longer it takes to cook (which totally makes sense) SO I put it on before I went to bed so I wouldn’t be tempted. I am somewhat shocked I didn’t check it in my sleep haha 😉

I cooked in my sleep… maybe I could do that for a talent show 🙂 I got a cookbook from my mom this weekend… and that gift brought this recipe to this blog on this post (sorry I was seeing how long I could make that sentence go on haha). Anyways, I practically read the cookbook in one night and decided to pick out recipe or 2 (or 3…). Did you know you can cook any course in a crock pot?? Well you can… and this cookbook will show you how!

I used the California Chicken Taco recipe as a base… oh I forgot to mention most (if not all) are 5 ingredients or less. Resulting in a 1) a cheap meal, and 2) a cheap clean up (1 pot and 2 bowls to serve and spoons!). So this is the inspiration base recipe:

Enter the Salsalicious Chicken recipe…

Salsalicious Chicken
-2 chicken breasts
-1 jar of salsa
-Taco Seasoning (we used DC Taco Seasoning)
-1 can of black beans
-2 or 3 cups of chicken stock

The How-To
Combine all of your ingredients in a crock pot and turn it on low for 8 hours.

The Result
When you check it after 8 hours it should be bubbling a little bit. This will ensure that all bacteria has been cooked out 🙂 Finally you can take the lid off and just take a spoon and the chicken will just fall apart. I didn’t expect this, but I was able to shred it without a fork and right in the crock pot!

The Yield
Should make around 6 servings.

You could use this recipe as a base and go wild… any bean would work! Use what you got in the pantry or cabinet (cupboard… does anyone say cupboard anymore??).

I served it with chips… then I ran out and just warmed a taco shell up and sprinkled it on top to give it some crunch. I always seem to want something crunchy along side a crock-pot meal to add some texture!

Have a great Thursday,


Week 24

This basket almost slid by without a post! How could I?!?

Week 24:
Salad Mix
Mustard Greens
Bok Choy
Baby White Turnips
Sweet Peppers
Butternut Squash

The greens… and turnips:

The bok choy…

Peppers and radishes hanging out in the veggie drawer. The radishes are HOT… and by the way if you decide to take pictures in the fridge the light is horrible… sorry!

Finally the butternut squash… I am saving it for some sort of special recipe!

Can’t wait to see what week 25 brings… Something green will be involved I bet 😉

Have a great day!