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Seafood Stew

David is the master at making seafood soups, stews, and gumbos. It is always a nice treat to have his seafood stew! He made something similar here… DC Cajun Quinoa!

I never know the measurements or spices that go in this… maybe I can get him to write it down the next time. But I can tell you what was in the shopping cart for the stew when we went to the grocery store!

Well maybe I shouldn’t only share what in the cart… because now that I think about it we had a lot of the ingredients at home! Score…

-Brown Rice
-Seafood Stock

The spicy sausage gave it that spice that normally comes with a gumbo… and I am sure he added some red pepper flakes too 🙂 The chef’s hand is pictured above… haha!

No we did not add basil– David cut me a BIG basil bouquet to celebrate my first day of teaching a college class! We trimmed the basil to fit in the vase and that “little” piece was cut off so he stuck it in my stew 😉

The basil smells AMAZING! And it adds a great pop of green to the table… before we know it all the trees will no longer be green… plants too! That is all part of the life cycle of plants… I think the fall leaves are gorgeous but I love my summer colors!

I love my basil… and it was a surprise when David brought this beautiful bunch in from the DC Garden! And no worries… Larry and his pent house survived with no damage while the cutting of the basil bouquet went down 😉 I think it opened the jungle up a little… open spaces are the rage in pent houses now, y’all didn’t know that? Haha and it will throw the birds off that might think we have tenants in there…

Have a great Wednesday (it is Wednesday right?)!

Back to the iced coffee and studying,

Book Review: The Help

As many of you remember, I read The Help this summer. I mentioned it a while back (okay a month) and I totally forgot about sharing my thoughts on it.

This book was wonderful! I highly recommend it and so happy I chose it to read as my one and only leisure book for the summer (okay year… seriously, you have no freedom to just pick up a book in grad school)!

Side note… I love hard back books. NO dust cover, just that “old-vintage” book look. And especially in different colors. This particular shade of mustard yellow is just gorgeous. And it pairs well with the “southern charm” talked about in the book. Yellow was just the color to decorate with back then… did y’all know that Nate Berkus had a big part in the movie? Yep, he had a show all about it and had many of the actresses on there. It was an awesome show… here is the link!

I would love to type out a full discussion about my thoughts on the book, but I really want you to read it! If you have seen the movie, I have heard it matches the book very nicely. Any thoughts? I hope to get to a show before they stop showing it at the theater! The book is well written… it flows well without jumping around so much that you just want to stop reading. Most chapters are written from a character’s point of view and as the chapters change the point of view changes. But like I said it flows well…. it doesn’t lose you, it sucks you in and leaves you wanting more. When I would see that the chapter was ending and another character was narrating next I would almost always be left in suspense! Then I would be sucked into another story and before I knew it I was left in suspense again 🙂 I slowed down the reading speed towards the end because of other readers telling me how when it ends you will be sad so slow down and enjoy the read! That I did and I was so happy… I was happy with the ending. I personally felt like she ended it in a way that there could be another book in the making… I am crossing my fingers!

First day of teaching went great! Thanks for all the thoughts and happy vibes sent my way! I ended up wearing some skinny jeans rolled up with the most comfortable Loft top ever! I left the top untucked and just let it be flowy…. and my $11 shoes (pictured above) from the Loft that were regular $80!! Told you they had killer sales 🙂 Now back to studying for comprehensive exams and wishing I had an Icee for my sore throat— this virus/cold thing HAS to leave me! It keeps coming back!!!

Have a great night… rockin’ recipe coming up tomorrow just thought I would warn ya!

Stay well,