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Week 16 Harvest Basket… and Okra

Okra– many people do not like this vegetable. It is slimy, weird texture, and well, hairy. Yeah it has a hairy skin on it. I think this is why we, Southerners, fry these babies up. It kinda covers up any “weird” textures you might get. It is a good solution, but I want MORE! I want everyone to LOVE okra. I want it to be like a brownie. Okay not the taste, but have the “like-ability” of brownies 🙂

Speaking of food… I had just a fabulous date tonight 🙂 David and I headed out to eat after I got home from my internship. I have been kicking (so has he) since 4:45am so we are both tired and full of some good food now. We ate at Epiphany Cafe. SO good! We had pork butter (it is AMAZING!!!) with bread. It was just so good I forgot to snap a picture… sorry 🙂
As an appetizer we had this:

I had this:

He had this:

I am going to dream about the rest of the menu… we didn’t leave room for dessert but we have made plans to go back for the corn flake creme brulee. And home made “smores.” And gnocchi. Need I mention more? Haha so good and can’t wait to go back! They are a farm-to-table kind of restaurant and the farm we are a CSA with (Snowsbend) supplies some of the food! So cool– speaking of harvest basket…

Week 16 Harvest Basket
-Cherry Tomatoes

Speaking of okra… here is what I did for a quick okra fix. I did sesame oil and Old Bay seasoning!

I rubbed them in that mixture and baked on 400 for 15 minutes. I didn’t want them to lose their “bite” and turn slimy. I could have done them longer, but I didn’t want to push the/their limit.

They turned out great… I now have a new bunch in the fridge that I want to stuff… with a quinoa mixture. Or bake them with a quinoa mixture like somehow make a batter with quinoa and then bake them that way. Who knows I will (promise!!) let ya know 🙂

I am whooped from the CF games this week! But it was awesome!! I have many goals this weekend to achieve— I am thinking I need to go ahead and finish The Help so I can focus on my studies, because with the bookmark now at the halfway point… well it is just one you don’t want to put down!

Be positive about your veggies.
And do some reading.
Have yourself a good weekend.


Nutty Pasta Sauce

So I shared yesterday what you can do with this sauce… so today I thought I would share how to make the sauce! Yes, I am aware, this is backwards. But hey, gotta keep it fresh… haha! Okay so the recipe.

DC Nutty Pasta Sauce

-Tomatoes (~12)
-Walnuts (~1 cup finely chopped)
-Rosemary (~3 tablespoons)
-Basil (~1 cup)
-Thyme (~1 tablespoon)
-Salt/Pepper (~1 teaspoon of each)
-Garlic (~2 cloves)
-Olive Oil (~1 cup)

Depending on how much sauce you want to make I would adjust how much you use. Therefore, I am going to skip the precise measurements of each. Also I used all fresh ingredients so if you use dried it might need some tweaking… so just do your tomatoes and then add a little of the other ingredients at a time then taste away.

Be conservative with your other ingredients but confident it will turn out just fine in the end 🙂 Just stand back when you throw in your basil… it is so pretty and it deserves a glance. Take a good whiff too… it is AH-mazing!

The Ninja did this too… He has been on a roll! I personally want to create a blender and name it the “Power Ranger” I personally feel she could whip anything up in a matter of minutes… pssh, seconds, who am I kidding? They are making a Smurf movie… bet Power Rangers are next! I can see it now… Summer of 2012=Summer of Power Rangers!!

So the nuts are crucial… I know it seems weird but do it. It adds that creaminess you desire in a pasta sauce. It makes it thicker and just stick to your pasta! If you already have veggies that are roasted or cooked go ahead and throw them in! I would add the meat later though so you will end up with a very basic sauce that you can pour on just about anything 😉

And then serve it on pasta… need a gluten free pasta? Try this– quinoa pasta! Or just serve the sauce over chicken with a little parmesan sprinkled on top 🙂 I made a big batch of DC Nutty Pasta Sauce and froze a container then added the veggie/meat to the container #1 in the fridge.

See how great it has been great to have in the fridge! That meal… yeah it took minutes to plate! One dish meal… winning in the DC kitchen! I mean when I whip this out of my lunchbox… it is cool. The girls at church said so… and they totally set my cool standard!

That is 2 snacks (#1- mango, black beans, and goat cheese #2- dates and sun butter), dessert (watermelon), and lunch (bow tie pasta with DC Nutty Pasta Sauce with meat)! All fits in my FEED bag and I am set for the day 🙂 I used to be the bag lady… I think I am now the (mason) jar lady.

Off for a salt lavender bath and bed. Day 5 of CF Northridge Games at 5am!

Take a bath. Wash your feet.