David and I said good-bye to our Ninja (great gift from my sis and bro-in-law couple years back)…

Usage= 2 times a day (sometimes more/less) for 2 and a half years.

GREAT Christmas gift… So happy we were introduced to the Ninja.


Good-bye Ninja!

Hello to the Ninja Professional! We kept our first Ninja for small jobs… we just couldn’t get rid of it 😉 So meet Ninja Pro…


It was exciting getting to open this bad boy up… with our blender usage we wanted to stick with the brand that has served us well but kick it up a notch since we KNOW that it will be used!


Guess what we had to do first? Read the directions (per David’s request)… even when we got the tri-pod for my camera. David is all about some directions (as am I)… which is wonderful! I always feel like I am going to have a quiz haha 😉 The reason why we like to scan the directions… to make sure we get the most out of the product. Who knows there might be a secret button that you never know about… just throwin it out there!


After opening… we realized we had officially kicked it up notch. Our Ninja had just turned into a 3 blade blending machine! It is so sleek too… with the clear, stainless steel, and black.


To break in the Ninja– to introduce it to the DC Kitchen– we used it to crush ice for mojitos! Funny story– we had a little dinner party and guess what David forgot in 2 (mine and my friend’s) of the drinks? Rum. Haha about half was through I told him I couldn’t even taste a HINT of the alcohol. I just assumed we had a new kind of rum and it was that smooth. Well then he started back tracking and realized he forgot the rum. I love him… even when he forgets an ingredient in my mojito!


So the Ninja Pro is now making smoothies and crushing ice and doing all sorts of important things in the DC Kitchen! We love it!


CrossFit this afternoon then guess what I made for dinner? I used the black quinoa in Eat Live Run’s recipe I mentioned yesterday! Can’t wait to dig in 🙂 But first a banana with almond butter to give me some juice pre-workout. I love Justin’s nut butters!!


Off to grab our friend’s harvest basket… our week 10 basket will be here Thursday! Can’t believe it has been 10 weeks— 10 awesome veggie packed weeks!! I think I need to get a treat at the bakery to celebrate 10 weeks…



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