Beet and Risotto Take 2

We got the “staining” beets this time… the candycane beets are so nice and non-staining, but these we got this week are POTENT! I mean Jenna over at Eat Live Run warned us about the staining power of these bad boys and now I totally see why she had the “red hands!” Go check her recipe out for this Beet Risotto with Goat Cheese… it is DELICIOUS!

I got sorta “snap” happy with the camera during this process… the color is just gorgeous!

David’s red hands!!


The progression of THE BEET… washed and trimmed, chopped and diced, plated.


Throw butter and a white onion in the pot. Then add the beet!


Give it a stir and cook it down.


Risotto/Arborio in!


Chicken stock.


Stir and cook the liquid out.


Balsamic Vinegar in.


GOAT CHEESE… just STOP and smell the amazingness here.


Plating time! We did chicken with some pesto on top, a salad with baby tomatoes from the DC Garden, and then the risotto!


You must try this. Go to the market and buy some beets and just give this creamy goodness a try 🙂

A lot has been accomplished today… decluttering, organizing, and decorating.

Here are some sneak peeks… gotta get back to helping with the pickles we are canning!

DSC_0065.jpg DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0019.jpg

Hope your Saturday has been kind to you.


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