Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! I hope everyone enjoys a day off of work and gets out and takes in all the sun they can 🙂

Remember practice safe… sunning, boating, cooking, and driving!

The Distance for Disaster Run for the Tuscaloosa Red Cross went great Saturday! My running partner and I felt like it was a great way to ease back into running/races. Guess how much money was raised???

(you guessing…)

Close… $6,000! Isn’t that wonderful?!

After the race, David and I watered the DC garden…

and had a green smoothie (post will come later on that).

Then we took off to the lake to be with his family for the weekend. Fun filled weekend 🙂

Thank you to all the people who are fighting (have fought) for our Country! We love and appreciate you VERY much!

Happy Memorial Day!

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