Monthly Archives: March 2011

>Basketball and Magazines


Watching the Alabama game the other night brought me back to my ol’ bookkeeping years… good times good times 🙂
Bama will be playing in the finals of the NIT tonight… while I am being lectured at in my favorite class… THIS CLASS IS TORCHER. PERIOD. Ask my friend.
She will back me up on this statement.
Anyways, on a random note, wanted to share some of my favorite magazines for this month…
Thanks to my friend for sharing this one with me!

I LOVE this channel so of course their magazine doesn’t disappoint!

One of my ALL time favorites.. I was brought to the light on this one on my Cali trip last year.
I hope Bama wins tonight and I hope my class is quick and painless (6-9pm, I am going to try to be positive here and think this painless situation is possible).
Laugh a lot…

>Birthday Girl


I had a great birthday! Thanks to everyone who made it a special day 🙂
I turned the big 2-3!
I started the day off with a great breakfast… in my NYC bowl given to me by my best friend!
Quinoa, hemp milk, bananas, and apple. OH and a big cup of coffee!
After breakfast I got ready for class… to find out another classmate turned 21 today, another 22, and me 23 🙂 
Birthday cake for 2 weather nerds 🙂

Who said you can’t have birthday parties in class in college… as a graduate student?
Went to work and my AMAZING boss surprised me with a Gigi’s cupcake with sprinkles!
Birthday Surprise… so good!

Came home and did some house stuff and caught 15 minutes of Gilmore Girls… the moment when I hear the theme song, everything is right in the world just for a short time haha! 
I love that show!
Then after that blissful moment I headed to workout… where everyone welcomed me with birthday wishes! And 2 of my good girlfriends there took me out to eat after CrossFit class to…
Chicken Kabob Plate with a piece of their chocolate cake!
And then that sweet boy walked in after working the longest day at work with a big smile on his face and a cupcake in hand…. topped with candle and singing Happy Birthday to me 🙂
A little weather report… it will be rainy off and on all week. Make sure to have rain gear on hand… but look forward to a sunny weekend 🙂
And now this 23 year old has to get some shut eye. I am a whole year older now after all 😉
Laugh a lot! 
And have a Wonderful Wednesday… 
I hope it will be a WOOHOO Wednesday for us all! 
Filled with encouragement and productivity 🙂